Wednesday, March 18, 2009

UPDATE- The Incident at Key's Cafe

I should have known better when she woke up and didn't act like herself. All thoughout breakfast, Alex was unordinarily quiet and not very animated. She wasn't too hungry and became desperately clingy throughout the morning.
But what did I do? Packed her (and Elmo) up to head to Southdale, where it seems is one of the few survivng Stride Rites in the city (they're having a sale). We picked out some new shoes (thanks, Mom!), and then decided to drive past the new house so that Mom and Rorie could see it.
Alex slept in the car until we stopped for lunch at Key's Cafe in Woodbury (I'd heard great reviews, but had never eaten at one). Since she wasn't too hungry, I just ordered her some mashed potatoes, thinking she'd like that. About 4 minutes after we'd ordered, I thought I might detect a diaper issue. I was headed to the bathroom with Alex when Mom told Rorie to come help me-- not sure why- she said later shed 'had a feeling'.
(NOTE: Do not read on if you have a weak stomach... :-) )

As soon as we'd entered the one-stall bathroom (thank, God!), I saw something fall onto the floor. My first gut reaction was that Alex had dropped something. I bent forward to peer over her back and see what it was, and immediately saw yellow diarrhea oozing out over the top of her jeans, all over my arm and starting to pool on the floor in front of me. Trying not to gag, I had Alex stand on the floor as I literally peeled the soiled clothing off of her. Meanwhile, Rorie is gagging in the corner of the poorly ventilated bathroom, frantically ripping of swatches of paper towel and wetting them because, of course, I only had about 5 wipes in my case.

Poor Alex was such a good sport. When we were done with the clean up, she was standing there in just a diaper. My sweatshirt had been utterly comprimised, so we had nothing to wrap her in, and had to bring a nearly naked baby back into the restaurant.

If you were eating near the back of that cafe on the 18th, I profoundly apologize for the smell that wafted into your dining experience.

As we reached the table, we saw that ALL of our food had been delivered. The sandwiches, fries, potatoes, cups of soup- Rorie's malt....everything was there. Alas, we had a naked baby with nothing to wear (would you believe I didn't bring the full diaper bag with me today....because I was lazy and didn't want to haul it. I wanted to be a 'normal' person who carried a purse).

We grabbed Alex's coat, bundled her up and I pulled the Jeep in front of the restaurant to load her in. Meanwhile, Mom was trying frantically to get our lunch boxed up to go back home (about a 45 min drive, mind you), and forfeited the packing of the soup and the malt in the interest of time. We finally got packed up, Rorie bemoaning the loss of her malt (which she didn't even get a taste of) and headed back to Prior Lake.


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