Friday, March 13, 2009

Sugar Rush!!!!!

After a fun morning at the zoo (where we got to witness the wolves howling and pacing because some wild turkey were deliberatly teasing them on the other side of their fence), Alex got to play at Playworks this afternoon while Mommy worked out and Daddy & Brad relaxed in the hot tub.
After playing for about an hour and a half (she loves it there), Brad treated us to dinner at Perkins. Normally a reliable, if not 'great', restaurant. Tonight was off-- my tilapia had gone bad, they forgot side dishes, and we waited forever. However, Alex was a perfect angel throughout, and kept us all entertained with her silly pet tricks. She can now tell us what the letters "A" and "B" sound like when she sees them (video to come soon- we haven't gotten a good shot yet), as well as animal noises of all sorts. She also identified "Brad" tonight ('Baad').

Due to our slightly crummy service, we enjoyed a cookie and some pie on the house (along with a free chicken sandwich). We have never seen Alex on a sugar high before, but as this video can attest, she circled around the trunk for about 10 minutes when we got home. Currently, Dave is wrestling her into her pj's- she's completely crashing...:-) (Warning: this video is a tad on the long side-- but we think it's pretty funny)

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