Wednesday, March 4, 2009

St. Paddy's Day Prep

As you can see, Alex was hard at work preparing for St. Patrick's Day. We met some MOMS Club friends at the library today to do some crafts, and she dove right in! She was so proud of her headband that she insisted on wearing it out of the library and into Edelweiss Bakery for an after-craft cookie with her Mama.

The kids model their handiwork!

The other news-worthy nugget that we have is that Alex went to Babies R Us this morning and picked out her very own "Big Girl" Booster Seat. I wasn't planning on banishing the high chair quite yet, but in the process of 'staging' the house, I decided that the highchair took up too much room. Alex, on the other hand, seems only TOO ready to sit with Mama and Daddy at the big table, and is very proud of her new seat.

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