Friday, March 6, 2009

Splashing in Puddles

We've been packing up-- Alex has been enjoying having a plethora of 'blank canvases' to decorate throughout the day.

When it got warmer out, we headed outside to start loading up boxes into the storage unit. I dressed Alex to play in the snow, but it was the puddles that caught her eye.

Later this afternoon, Alexandra and I joined a bunch of our ECFE friends for a playdate. These kids have all known each other since they were about 3 months old. It had been a while since we'd seen some of them, and we all had fun playing and catching up. We even managed to 'round up' the kids for a group photo.

As we had an intense afternoon with a bunch of energetic toddlers, we decompressed by playing with the cats tonight. As a last video clip, enjoy Alex playing with Percy. She's recently started 'purring' when the kitties purr.

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