Monday, March 16, 2009

UPDATE-Special Visitors

GrandMama, GrandPapa and Auntie Rorie arrived for their Spring Break last night, so we brought GrandMama to ECFE this morning. Alex loved showing her all the neat toys that she loves-- GrandMama loved bragging that Alex's Mama was an ECFE grad herself.

After school, we retrieved Auntie Rorie (who had been granted a few extra hours to sleep) and headed to the "Boo"!
It was such a perfect day that we were in light sweaters! THIS is why we live in Minnesota!
Alex had a very special friend who was visiting her from Des Moines as well. Tickle Me Elmo is not allowed to live with US (there are special zoning requirements :-) ), but he did manage to grab a ride with GrandMama and GrandPapa (according to Auntie Rorie, he was seatbelted next to her for the trip).

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