Monday, March 30, 2009

Gotta Love Technology!

I was telling some of you loyal blog-followers that the next few weeks will most likely be piecemeal, as our days now consist of cleaning the house and evacuating for showings. On Sunday, we had 3 showings lined up. I ran to the store to buy more Windex (2 / $5 at Target right now), and upon returning to my home saw Alex engaged with her new' Babysitter'..... Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bob.No- they hadn't flown in from Phoenix- they were live and 'in person' on the big screen TV via Skype. Dave was cleaning the bathroom, so he had his mom and dad entertain Alex from across the country.....pretty cool, huh?
After we scoured the house, we packed up the boys and headed to St. Paul to squat in Auntie Carrie's apartment for the afternoon. She is a very gracious host, even letting Alex play with her beloved Bunny Foofoo.

Alex, Percy, Huxley and I ended up back at Carrie's apartment today (in fact- the cats are still there) because of some more back to back showings. Hopefully we'll be able to 'reel in' a potential buyer-- our realtor says he's been getting a lot of questions from one party in particular-- how nice would it be to not have to keep this 'model home' cleanliness up!
The boys will stay at Carrie's tonight, and then they'll come home tomorrow evening....just in time for their annual vet exam. Won't they be happy?

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