Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Mom....Bad Mom

"Good Mom": Field Trip!
I was very excited to attend our first MomCulture event at the Walker Art Center this morning. Alex and I got to join other moms and kids for a special gallery tour. I could tell that Alex was impressed by the architecture of the building (more than the art). She absolutely loved the glass chandelier that hung above a seating area. The artist on display (Elizabeth Peyton), well-- not too impressive for a 17 month old.
I thought that some of the paintings were interesting, but she's definitely not my favorite artist. Only 3-4 pieces really made me stop and look at them. The strange thing to me is that she is so venerated in the art world, but she's really not that original. They're just (in my opinion)- kind of sloppy portraits of random people- some famous, some not.Anyway-- Alex made it through about 3/4 of the gallery tour. Then she started signing for her 'nook' (which, of course, I had left in my coat pocket on the other side of the museum). We snuck out of the main gallery to retrieve the nook, and then she found a video bank that kept her occupied until everyone else was done with the tour. Overall we had a fine time, but it would definitely be more fun to go with another mom that I know.
"Bad Mom" :-) : Movie Time!
We had our mobile storage units delivered today, and to try and keep Alex occupied while I helped the delivery man place them, I stuck in her "Sign and Sing" DVD. To make it a 'treat', I took a pillow from the couch and placed it on the floor, as a special cushion for her.

Much to my surprise, she was glued to the set. It was the first time ever that she's actually sat and paid attention to what was on tv-- not just listening to it while playing with her toys. (Don't worry- I don't really think I'm a bad mom, but I can see where the temptation lies to put in a DVD for your kid once or twice a day!) I did get my units placed, however. Now for stage one of packing.

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