Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alex's New House

We took Alex up to Woodbury today to meet the home inspector and take a look at her new house. I realized that our home-buying experience was spottily referenced on the blog- so for all you who have been out of the loop- my apologies, and a recap below.

Last Saturday, Dave and I went to Stonemill Farms with our realtor, Brian Burkhart of Home Time Real Estate Service (HIGHLY recommended if you're looking for a great realtor!!!). This is the second home that he's helped us find- our current home we found the first weekend we were looking, and the next home was on weekend #2. Pretty good, huh?

We walked through the house, and noticed that the cabinetry was obviously being replaced. In order to get a good deal on our new home, Dave and I were looking at a lot of bank-owned and foreclosure houses. This particular house was built in 2006, but the previous owners ripped out all the cabinetry, appliances, and granite when they vacated. The bank was in the process of replacing the cabinets and countertops, so they're brand new.
We decided to make an offer Saturday night, and by Wednesday we had a signed purchase agreement! There was a little bit of a bidding war going on between ourselves and one other couple, but we won.

Soon after the p.a. was signed, we were notified that even though they had formerly told us that the countertops had already been ordered, they really hadn't. We were invited into the decision making process (joy!), and now you all know the story of how Amy came to get her Granite. We did upgrade a little from what the bank originally intended, but they were very open to letting us pay the difference :-)

So-- back to Alex. She had so much fun running around the house...eating her bunnies and playing in empty cabinets. She seemed to really like it.
Dave, on the other hand, was so overcome with emotion that he fainted on the premises. Well-- could have been that horrible flu that finally hit him. We were signing the paperwork with the contractor when I saw his knees buckle-- how dramatic! He had taken the day off work as a sick day, and I feel bad for dragging him up to the house, but we needed his signature today. He soon regained his composure (poor guy) and we took a final walk-through. Amazing to think that we'll be moving in - in exactly a month!
As a celebration this evening, Alex had her first hamburger! She's obviously feeling much better and loved her burger (though the fries didn't do much for her).

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