Monday, March 3, 2008

Swedish Gnome goes to Zoo.....again

OK-- so we really don't live at the zoo. I'm serious. It's just such a fun place to go in the wintertime, and a great place for a playdate! Our friends Summer & James (we met them at Tuesday morning "Stretch & Stroll" class) joined us there this afternoon. I think that Alex enjoyed 'babywatching' more than animal watching today, although the kids did spend about twenty minutes at the fish tank. We also got to see the two new dolphins on display today- much more uplifting to see animals swimming in that huge blue tank, rather than an empty pool!
I couldn't help but post some photos of my little Swedish gnome in her exersaucer. For those of you who DON'T know, I have a slight Ebay addiction (which I'm currently receiving therapy for in the form of my husband making me feel guilty for buying baby clothes instead of a new computer). I'm able to get Hanna Andersson clothes (our favorite upscale brand) for cheap-- for example-- the red jacket and striped pants that my gnome has on today were about $3! Resale value for Hanna items is very good (which is what I keep telling Dave), and in the right market, I could easily turn a profit on the outfit!

Plus-- how cute is she???

It's been about a month since I've heard Alex really laugh (Great-Auntie Robyn coaxed some out of her), but I was rewarded for my efforts today. She seemed to think it was hilarious when I shook my hair in her face. Weird-- I know. It's, once again, a strangle angle because I was only one home to video it, but you can hear her sweet little giggle.

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Anonymous said...

how cute is that? I remember when I use to make Alex's Mommy laugh like that. Luv Granny J