Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday with Friends

As Miss Alexandra is now getting up at 6:30am every morning, we were able to make it to the earliest church service (8am) for the 'traditional' worship. It was much less crowded, and I enjoyed it alot more than the 'contemporary' service we'd been attending. She was dressed in her Sunday best, and very excited about being up and about so early. She did a great job during the service, only having to be walked around a couple of times (when her raspberry-blowing got to its height).
After Church, we met our friend Jake and his little guy, Preston, at the MN Zoo. We had a great time exploring with them. Jake even got me to go to the Bird Show (first time EVER-- I have a 'slight' bird phobia) The gigantic African Owl buzzed the top of our heads, and I freaked out for a moment, but I guess I survived (Dave's leg, however, has claw marks in it from my fingernails).It was so nice out today that after Jake & Preston headed home for a nap, Dave and I decided to bundle up Miss Alex and continue breaking in our hiking boots by walking the Northern Trail (for you non-Minnesotans, that's the outdoor part of the zoo). It was great-- she pretty much napped after a close-encounter with a Sumatran Tiger, and we got some outdoor exercise.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl dressed in her Sunday best! We love you. Have a good week. Love Grandma J

Mary said...

Miss Alex, you are so grown up in your Sunday outfit, sitting up straight and smiling SO big! What a doll! love, Grandma M.