Wednesday, March 5, 2008


A pretty low-key day, which was just what Alex needed to perfect her sitting-up skills! After Kindermusik this morning, we just hung out at home. She had a great lunch-- (the majority of the food actually ended up in her tummy rather than ON her tummy).

Then she decided to get serious about this 'sitting up' thing. She flew solo for about twenty minutes. Without any support or nudging! I just kept taking pictures, because I was sure she'd topple over any second. She eventually did, but I was able to catch her before she conked her head. She had a few more sessions, but they were only five or so minutes long.

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Mary said...

Another milestone for little Alex! What a big girl! Also, mmmmm, that yummy green food looks so tasty, no wonder it stayed in.....
love, Grandma M.