Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No, Sweetie....Big Bird isn't going to eat you...I hope

We were invited to join Graham and Melissa at the Children's Museum this afternoon. Even though it meant taking a 'power nap' in between our morning exercise program at Burnsville Center, and a quick 'elevensie' meal, we felt like we hadn't seen them forever, and were really excited to catch up!

Unfortunately, the HabiTot exhibit (baby-friendly playland) was completely full-- there were strollers everywhere, and lots of bigger mobile kids running around like they had just consumed liters of kool-aid using only pixie sticks. So-- we decided to explore the other galleries (namely, Sesame Street).
Melissa and I relived the moment of Luis & Maria's wedding while the kids were transfixed by the screen. Some 'educational moment', huh?? We did manage to spy Big Bird, though--- but as you could see from the lead-in picture, Alex seemed a bit apprehensive. And (for Cathleen), we listened to a big-screen version of "Put down the Duckie!"

After coming home, Alex was ravenous. She finished her 4 tbsp of oatmeal in record time, and ate all of her prunes and peas! It apparently takes a lot of energy to be such a busy girl.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The look of sheer terror on her face is absolutely priceless!

...And this will be the moment in her life where she becomes scared of birds...

But, she still is adorable (and pudgey)!! =)
Love, Auntie Rorie