Friday, March 7, 2008

Kitties and Friends

Alex had such a fun-filled morning that she took a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon! What was it, exactly, that exhausted her?

Well, she decided to awaken at 5am this morning. Apparently, she's gearing up for Daylight Savings Time.....or something. She had an exciting early morning of reading to Huxley, who actually tolerated her company for about an hour!

Then we went to ECFE class- where there was a 'babyproofing expert'. The presentation was a bit dry, and "sales-y", and I was getting restless. I think Alex picked up on my negative vibes, because she started squawking and squirming-- we ended up having to walk around the back of the room- she was just bored! As soon as we started singing our songs, she was a happy girl again. Flash forwarding to middle school years, I can foresee some parent-teacher conferences that focus on my 'naughty' little girl who entertains herself (and others) if she isn't challenged enough in class!

Things definitely took an upturn, though. After class we tried out a new Mexican restaurant with our friends Megan and Emma. The girls were very good (as always), and we had a nice lunch. Then they came over for a playdate. THIS time the animals behaved (I had to shut all three of them away the last time because they were too interested in the snacks we had out). Alex and Emma spent a long time examining each other, holding hands and 'talking'. Then Alex showed Emma the best way to play with blocks- DESTROYING them!
Grandma and Grandpa Jones, Auntie Rorie, and Uncle Willy are coming over for dinner tonight, so Miss Alex is taking a cat nap right now. She gets to stay up a little later than usual because of her special guests.

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