Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kindermusik Morning

Because we skipped class last Wednesday morning, we went to a Saturday am class to make-up our Kindermusik. Daddy joined us (to see what it is we do all day), and we had a fun time singing, dancing, and experimenting with different objects (newsprint makes a great toy......until it's being fished out of a drooly baby's mouth).I do have to say, Alex looked like the picture of spring in her new little sailor top (I couldn't resist...I know it's not spring YET, but here's to hoping).
We hung out at home the rest of the day-- Daddy is working really hard at getting Alex interested in rolling over. I don't think she feels the need yet. She really isn't motivated to roll. Now--- sitting up and lunging is another story altogether. My bets are that she crawls before she rolls as a means of mobility.

Tired out after practicing.

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