Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's SPRING!!!

The birds were chirping and I was wearing my North Face fleece again today! It's spring in Minnesota :-) Alex and I hit our weekly fitness walking class at the mall this morning, and then came back for a long nap (2 hours!!) She's still figuring out this Daylight Savings Time thing-- I didn't think it would throw her off so much, but it has.
Copper, Al and I headed out for a lovely excursion. Copper is so glad that the weather is getting nicer-- I have no more excuses to skip our daily walks, and she gets to catch up on all the comings and goings of the neighborhood. Since Miss Alex doesn't really have a warm spring jacket, but it's too warm for her snowsuit, we improvised. You can see the many layers she has on- Long sleeve mock turtleneck, fleece jacket, puffy vest, blanket. It seemed to work well-- I think it will be her outside ensemble until it warms up enough to get away with a sweater on its own.
Poor Dave is lying in bed, sick with some kind of stomach bug. He has direct orders NOT to touch or get close to the baby. I might sleep in with Alex tonight-- the last thing I need is to be curled up, comatose, with a bottle of Gatorade in one hand and a trashcan in the other. He's unfortunately, not enjoying the beautiful day it is outside (but I might open the windows to air the sick-room out).

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