Saturday, March 15, 2008

Genius Baby

The weather has been so nice lately that Dave and I were inspired to take a trip to REI last night to purchase a baby carrier so that we can finally start doing some serious training for our upcoming Kili trip. Alex had so much fun in the store, sitting WAY above our heads-- she was all smiles and squeals while we tromped around. (For those of you with babies-- definitely a fun trip, even if you don't plan on buying one, it's worth the entertainment value for your little buddy!)
We joined Dave and Brad at the YMCA for racquetball this morning-- that is to say that Alex and I observed racquetball for a bit-- she got restless pretty quickly, so we took a tour of the local Once Upon a Child and then met the guys at Perkins for breakfast. Alex had so much fun sitting with Brad at the restaurant that I was worried she wouldn't sit in her highchair when it was time to eat. She made it (barely) with the help of a rarely-used pacifier. Dave managed to keep her occupied by playing the "pick up the spit out pacifier" game for about 20 minutes. It was the first time she's ever been "a handful" when we've gone out.
Alex and her new Easter chick from Brad-- she insisted on holding it while she was in the carseat.

After brunch, we geared up to go to a local county park that is supposed to have some good trails. We got all packed up-- had a diaper change-- got dressed again-- and then found out the trails were closed due to 'hazardous conditions'. We decided to try another local park, but by the time we got there the weather had really cooled off, and I didn't want to subject Alex to the cold wind. We're going to try again tomorrow at Afton State Park.
While playing at home today, we noticed Alex has developed a marked affinity to the red circle in her puzzle. I wish I could claim that my daughter is able to correctly label the words "red" and "circle"....but she's only 5 months old. The video below is pretty cute-- and it makes her look really smart, even if she's operating on color preference alone.

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