Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fashion Show

Alexandra, Grandma J and I went to the Mall of America this morning to do some shopping! While I had to physically restrain my mother from buying every cute outfit we came across, Alex DID end up with quite a few darling little ensembles. As soon as we entered Hanna Andersson, Alex already had a cute little hand-knit Angel Mouse in her stroller with her. All she had to do was look at it, and Grandma decided it needed to be her Easter mouse.
With the help of Auntie Rorie, we had a fashion show when we got home. Here is just a sampling of Alex's new summer wardrobe.

Exhausted by the demands of beauty.

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the fun time we had at your house. Oh, shopping is so much fun for a beautiful baby girl. We got home just in time to see "Our boys" win another game. Go Bulldogs! Love Grandma and Grandpa J and Auntie R