Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dinner with Auntie Carrie

Dave and I decided that today was "family grooming day", and proceeded to bathe both cats and the dog. The boys took it pretty well-- they get about two baths a year. Copper, however, could predict that she was going to be next, and so she tried to 'hide' on Alex's couch. Unfortunately for her, we were not fooled, and she was ordered to "come" into the bathroom. She stalled for a bit, but then (after Dave had a biscuit in hand), she walked right into the bathroom and jumped into the tub on her own. We were flabbergasted! Had we known she was willing to do so, for the right price, we wouldn't have spent the past three years wrestling her up and in.
We did venture out this evening. Auntie Carrie came home from her spring break in Phoenix, and we picked her up at the airport and headed to the Mall of America for dinner. After deciding on Famous Daves, David and I took shifts eating our ribs, so that one of us would always have clean fingers for playing with the baby. She, as always, was perfectly behaved. She mimicked our chewing motions the entire dinner, though-- which was pretty cute. Below is a video Rorie took this weekend of this phenomenon! :-)

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