Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm so glad that Alexandra is a flexible baby! This morning we took the Jeep in to be serviced (oil change-- nothing major), but ended up spending two hours in the waiting area because of all the 'other' things that popped up on the service check ($234 worth of 'other' things.....argh.)

Waiting patiently in the 'big girl' chair.

Napping on the lovely beanbag-- You have to work with what's available...

Luckily, the Walser waiting room has a little nook for kids-- beanbag chairs and a tv. We were the only kid around, so we took over the floor space-- played, read stories, had a bottle and then got really sleepy. I looked around to try and find somewhere she could nap, and ended up going AGAINST every "mom" gene in my body, and laid her down on one of the (I'm sure) germy beanbags. I did use some burp cloths to make a body shield, but it still grossed me out-- However, Alex fell right asleep (with her coat shielding her eyes) and napped for an entire hour in the waiting room!

After our thrilling morning, we stopped at home to let the dog out, grab something to eat, and play with the kitties. Then we headed to meet Megan and Emma at the zoo. It was 50 degrees out today, and the zoo was PACKED with excited Minnesotans venturing out for the first time without winter gear. Miss Alex stayed awake for the entire trip- including the outside area. We had fun, but she is completely bushed, and will hopefully sleep for a very long time this afternoon!

Alex and Emma check out the prairie dogs.

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