Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter Bunny Encounters

Well, Alex is feeling better, much better, so we went about our normal activity-filled day today. I'm proud to report that my quest for the "perfect" Easter Bunny is finally over. I guess I'm just too picky, but I had to go to three malls before I found an acceptable version. (One looked like the costume had been stored under a flea-infested mattress for 20 years; the other had pink "streaks" on his face that were a bit too 'Hannibal Lecter' for me).

This bunny was on the 'dorky' side-- but that's ok. Nerdy bunnies don't kill people. Alex brought her own bunny with her, too, just because it was cute.

Alex didn't seem to mind him too much-- she kind of stared up at his face for a while, and then looked at the camera. She did not, however, care to grace us with a smile when on the Bunny's lap. Oh, well-- maybe next year (or maybe she'll be one of the toddlers screaming in terror when the Bunny turns their way).
We met up with friends at the mall for the big Bunny Adventure, and ended up having lunch at the food court. Here's a picture of the former nanny (Megan) entertaining all three babies- Alex, Gabriel, and Emma.
Since we were in Eden Prairie, Alex and I made an obligatory stop at Costco, where she took everything in. It's amazing how much she's grown since our last trip-- she sat up in the stroller the entire time, I didn't have to prop her or keep her from sliding once!

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