Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do The Mashed Potato

This afternoon, Grandma, Auntie Rorie and I took Alex to the zoo. We were hoping to see the new 'farm baby' exhibit, but it was deemed 'too snowy' to trek all the way to the farm. In the meantime, they had set up some baby chicks and bunnies inside the main building, so Alexandra checked them out. The chicks, especially, were very entertaining, as they were at perfect stroller height!Auntie Rorie in the requisite "aquarium photo op" at the Coral Reef. Alex loves her fish, and was talking and 'dancing' the entire time we were watching them.

For dinner this evening, Grandpa Claude took us all out to Perkins (which Dave and I have decided is an 'Alexandra-safe' environment-- it's noisy enough that no one stares at us when she squeals). She got to try her first bite of mashed potatoes (after downing her dinner of oatmeal, squash and pears in a matter of minutes), and was confused by the taste, but soon was demanding 'more' with a little baby-bird open mouth. She definitely gets more and more fun each day! We are so lucky to be the parents of this little girl (however loud she sometimes gets) :-) !

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