Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bubbles, Water, and Uncle Willy

We played outside on the deck this afternoon! I bought a package of bubbles on impulse in Target today, and Alex seemed perplexed by the gravity-defying orbs. She did not try to eat them (as Dave predicted she would), she just seemed to peacefully watch them float by.

Then I brought out the blocks. Copper seemed to be content to just soak up the sun-- we are all excited about the impending thaw! (Hopefully it doesn't really snow 6" tonight as predicted....sigh-- life in Minnesota..)It got a bit chilly, so we went inside and had a mini water-table experience (I've been on a lot of Montessori websites recently). I think Percy was as excited about the new game as Alex was. They spent a good 15 minutes splashing side-by-side.
Uncle Willy is on Spring Break, so he's visiting for the Easter Weekend. Alex seemed perturbed that he wasn't feeding her fast enough, and she kept looking at me to try and remedy the problem.

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