Monday, March 10, 2008

A Beautiful "Spring" Day

Today we met up with some of our friends from the local MOMS club at the zoo. Alex was really excited about the fish today, and even let me help her make the 'fish' handsign when we were watching them. Then, because it was about 25 degrees out, I headed outside and did two loops of the Northern Trail (--about 2 miles) while she napped in the stroller, under lots of blankets and bundled into her snowsuit.

Then we headed to the photographer to pick up the portrait we ordered. We have to have Daddy hang it tonight-- it's very nice! When we were there, we heard the lambs bleating and the chicks peeping in the studio-- had there not been a family in there already, I would have snuck in to play with them! Maybe next spring we'll do a formal portrait with some farm babies :-) Or just stick some rabbit ears on Copper...

We got to hang out at home for about half an hour before going to the vet. Copper needed some blood work done for a prescription refill, so Alex and I got to look at all the kitties and puppies in the waiting room for a while. Finally, we arrived home at 3pm. We're not leaving for the rest of the evening! Yeah for naps!!
Tonight was Bath Night for Alex. It was the first time she's actually played with her toys in the bath! :-) I have a feeling we're going to be taking baths a lot more frequently now that it's a venue for entertainment.

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