Saturday, February 23, 2008

Swimming with the Sharks....

Alex woke up bright and early this morning-- around 6am, so we dragged Daddy out of bed in order to help give her a bath. Then he went to play racquetball, and Al and I were left to our own devices- we read a couple of books, and then she decided to nap. For two hours straight!! I actually got to do some cleaning and read two articles in a magazine!!

We had some visitors this weekend. My dad and his wife, Sue, stopped by on Saturday (along with Uncle Willy) and took us to Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America. It was Alex's dream come true! Based on her reaction to the aquarium at the MN Zoo, Dave and I knew that she would really enjoy it, but it was so fun to watch her track the sharks and rays up and over her head in the underwater tunnel.

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Gramps (Steve) said...

We had the best time watching Alex watch the fish swim over her head for the first time. It would be wonderful to know what she was thinking.