Monday, February 18, 2008

A Star is Born!

Since Alex had a snuffly nose yesterday, we didn't get to blog because we were busy trying to make her feel better. Today, however, it seems to have cleared up-(yea for Vicks waterless vaporizer!)- just in time for Alex's first video shoot!
Our good friend Kris Greer (Graham's grandma) is a producer for the KARE 11 show "Blueprint for Green"- an eco-friendly home construction show. They were doing a segment on organic babies, and Alex was invited to be on the show with her buddy, Graham. We drove to their offices in Eden Prairie, and brought all of our wooden toys, organic formula, and natural fiber blankies (the one Auntie Carrie made was featured in one shot of baby Alex snuggled up). It was really fun to watch the babies play-- Graham was a very good sharer, he kept giving Alex the tambourine and then taking it back, and then giving it to her again. I think they got some good footage of two cute, chubby-cheeked babes playing with their hippie toys! :-)
The show will air in March, so we will let everyone know when we hear a specific date. For all of you non-Minnesotans, it will be available on-line soon after it airs on tv (and Dave set up the TIVO to record it as well-- just in case!).

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Mary said...

How exciting to have your tv debut! I'm still waiting for mine, hmmmm. Both Alex and Graham will be adorable and we look forward to seeing them.
love, Grandma M.