Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Daily Schedule

Alex and I took it easy today. No ECFE classes due to President's Day Weekend, so we hung out at home and stimulated our minds by folding some laundry and working on our colors. Grandpa Claude stopped by for dinner on his way up to Duluth tonight, but Alexandra was already in bed for the night, so she didn't get to visit with him. Dave and I enjoyed catching up, though!
All in all, a pretty 'quiet' day for Miss Alex.

Alexandra has been sleeping about 11 hours at a stretch for the past three nights, and her schedule is pretty set. In case anyone is wondering-

7:20 wake-up; breakfast from Mom; play with Mommy; sometimes a bath!
9:00 am nap (45 min-1 hr) - depending on the day, we could have class during this morning time
10:30 6 oz. of formula; time to sing some songs and work on our sounds
12:00 noon- afternoon nap (45 min- 1 hr)
1:30 rice cereal and 4-6oz of formula; storytime- playing with Mommy, a trip to Target (or wherever our errands bring us)
3:00- late afternoon power nap (30-45 min)
4:30 afternoon snack from Mom - practice our instruments and read more stories
5:30 Daddy gets home! Time to exercise & practice rolling over
7:00 Dinner (8 oz formula) and bedtime!
(sometimes there is an early am snack between 4am and 6:30am)

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