Thursday, February 28, 2008

On the Mend

I think I had the cold worse than Alex did (I don't know whether that was better or worse), but after three days, we are both definitely on the mend! Yea! Thanks for all the well-wishes and advice from Grandmas and friends.

Miss Alexandra has found a new sound to make. For the past two days, we've heard a few little 'razz' noises, but today it's full force and video-worthy. I had to sneak up on her doing it, though- (which is the reason for the odd camera angle)-- if she sees the camera, she immediately stops. You can imagine how many shirts we're going through today-- when she gets done with a 'session', she looks like a little frothy rabid baby.

She's also really started watching the kitties today. Whenever they come into a room, she stops whatever it is she is doing to look at them, and try to communicate. If they're close enough, she reaches out (much to Huxley's chagrin) and tries to 'pet' them.

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Mary said...

There is nothing in the world as cute as little Alex blowing raspberries. Looks like fun, sweetie!
grandma M.