Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Old Kids... Meet my New Kid...

Alex and I were honored to be invited to Cristo Rey's "You've Made a Difference" program this afternoon. Six of my former Minneapolis Academy students attend this fledgling Jesuit high school-- and we got a chance to tour the grounds (in a brand new building shared with Urban Youth in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis), catch up with the kids, and be honored in a nice little ceremony.

Alex took it all in stride. Even though it was technically 'breakdown time' (4-5pm), she was a perfect little baby-- she met lots of new friends, and entertained the entire back half of the auditorium with her 'stories' (she didn't fuss, she was just talking). I was paid an even greater honor than the one my students nominated me for. The English teacher at Cristo Rey sought me out, and introduced herself to me. She said that she had been waiting to meet me, because my kids were always talking about what we did in class. She said that she wanted me to know that my kids were the best prepared group of all of the freshman class! :-) Sigh....maybe I will go back to teaching someday :-)

Oh-- and a funny little sidenote-- all of my MA students asked why I left Copper at home. Apparently, they take it for granted that she would accompany me everywhere I go! :-) I explained to them that I wasn't too sure that the other students, faculty and directors of their high school would be as excited to see a dog coming in the doors.

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Mary said...

Congratulations, Amy! What an honor and an emotional one, at that! I know "your kids" loved you to pieces and that you were a very successful teacher and role model for them. We're very proud of you, as always!
love, Mary and Bob