Monday, February 11, 2008

New Friends!

Copper greeted our new friends, Megan and Miss Emma, as they arrived at our house for a playdate this morning. She had just gone out the back door for a 'coffee break' when they pulled up, and she joyously (and with much barking) brought them to the front. Meanwhile, my head was sticking out the back door, wondering where in the world my dog had wandered off to now. (She almost joined a neighborhood 'dog gang' the other day--- I swear they came into my back yard to recruit her-- but I caught her just in time to save her from a life of delinquency).

Anyway- our friends that we met at Friday ECFE class came by today for a playdate. Megan brought delicious treats, and Emma and Alex shared their toys very well. OK--- they sat next to each other and drooled, and then sat in their respective mommy's laps and drooled, and then laid next to each other and grabbed at the same toys while drooling. All in all, we had a very nice morning. The animals, though, had to be put in their rooms because not one of the three could resist the smell of blueberry muffins. Poor Copper thought that they were treats for her. Percy just wanted to lick baby hair (which is ok when it's just Alex, but I felt bad subjecting Emma to the treatment), and Huxley kept sneaking around our backs, vying for a better position from which to snatch the breakfast bakery.
The rest of our day will be much less fun-- errands that involve a carseat, the grocery store, and the bank after Miss Alex wakes up from her afternoon nap. Oh well, life must carry on.


Bloggin BB said...

Amy & Dave,

We're enjoying reading Alex's world! It's so much fun to hear what you've been up to and to see Alex change in the pictures!

I remembered that Hennepin County Libraries have babystory time from birth to 24 months. Go to and Click on the link for Birth to 6 and you'll see places and hours.

They might be farther away but it still would be fun. Eden Prairie or Southdale might be the closest for you.

Hope all is well!
Beth & Josh

Anonymous said...

What fun! The girls looked liked they had a terrific time. What was the Dave Alex reunion like? Did he have a great time? Love Nanna