Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Little Panda

I couldn't resist posting this photo. Tell me she isn't the sweetest baby girl you've ever seen! (I know it borders on bragging-- but hey, it's my blog! )


Gramps (Steve) said...

Just as pretty as the baby girl I held 27 years ago. That one was widely acknowledged (even by strangers we would meet) to be an exceptionally pretty baby. By the way, that baby is also in this picture, you just can't see much of her.

Mary said...

Alex is the prettiest little baby and I strongly encourage you to continue posting her darling image and antics for us all to cherish. I had the same experience with David that "Gramps" had with Amy. Strangers would just love on him and his sunny little face and sweet personality.
Proud and boastful Grandma,