Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Drummer Girl

First off, we want to say "Welcome to the World, Mr. Aidan Joshua Kellner!!" The newest addition to the Kellner clan arrived this morning, around 10:30-ish. Alex, Uncle Willy, Dave and I plan to visit the new family in the hospital tomorrow evening.....I've heard a strange rumor that "the Cat" might show up-- but I'm not sure what that means. :-)

After playing phone tag with numerous relatives all morning, and going to our weekly workout at Burnsville Center, Alex and I ran some errands. We went to our favorite toy store in St. Paul (Peapods: http://www.peapods.com/-- I know, I've turned into a hippie after becoming a mom, but I just wanted a place to buy European toys!!) make a return, and ended up just using the store credit to buy some instruments. Alex seems to love the drum. Percy (as you can see in the photo) commandeered the egg shaker. All I have to say is don't be surprised if you see Dave as the lead tambourine-player in our family band. He'll be the one wearing the tassled leather vest. :-)Then we stopped our practice for a little lunch. Just so you can truly have the whole experience of lunchtime, I have included a "before", "during", and "after" shot of Miss Alexandra. She seems to revel in making as much of a sticky rice mess as possible!

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