Thursday, February 7, 2008

Independent Baby Plays By Self

Alex and I were 'kicked out' of storytime at the library today. I told Dave it was because his daughter was inappropriately dressed :-) , but the real story is that you have to be 18 months old to register for a spot. I thought about getting into a debate about the merits of early literacy with the librarian, but decided against it, as I still had to check out some books and didn't want to end up blacklisted. So we headed back home and read stories here.

At least, I tried. Today was Alex's independent day. She didn't really want to sit in my lap. She didn't want me to lay on the floor with her. She wanted to play by herself. Once I finally figured out what it was she desired, I put her in her little gym on the nursery floor and I worked out on the elliptical, calling out encouragement from the exercise machine whenever she would kick or grab at her toys. Then we went into the living room and she had independent tummy time-- I really did try to get her to interact, but she wasn't having any of it. I ended up laying next to her on the floor and reading one of my books while she played.

We also went to the zoo this afternoon, and really enjoyed ourselves. Two o-clock is the time to go. The animals that are normally snoozing are up and about, pacing around for their suppers. The volunteers have started to recognize us (we go about once a week), and Alex had the undivided attention of two self-described "grandmas" who were smitten with my little girl in pink.

Without Daddy here, we go to bed early. Alex was down at 6 again this evening, leaving me with some time to blog and do some dishes. We made sure to look at lots of photos of Daddy this morning and evening before she went to bed, and practice our handsigns for "daddy", "eat", "kitty", and "puppy" (the most important words in Alex's life).

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