Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Good day for Napping...

Alex is still snuffly (although I've become quite adept at using the aspirator) and red-cheeked. No fever, though-- and she's doing a great job of napping (she slept in 2 hours later than normal this morning, then took a 2 1/2 hour nap, a 1 hour nap this afternoon, and another 1 hour early evening nap), so hopefully her little body is fighting off this bug. She still has a good appetite, and doesn't seem to be in a bad mood at all, so that's good news!

The downside is that we're missing all of our classes and activities! I now know that I would have gone stir-crazy long ago without my schedule! I get so bored just hanging out at home-- although, it is nice to be able to try and nap myself, instead of running around.


Mary said...

Soooo precious! Hope you are all feeling better!
love, Grandma M.

Anonymous said...

She is one adorable baby. I love this picture! I am so thankful you can be home with her.
We have so many sick children at school. Have a restful day. Love Grandma J.