Monday, February 4, 2008

First weekend at the Farm!

Well, Miss Alex had a very exciting weekend. She was a perfect traveling baby. We headed up to the farm Friday night, and arrived around 8:30-- Al had slept the whole way there, so she visited for a while before retiring for the evening. She did a great job going to bed and sleeping soundly, even when everyone else was up laughing and talking well into the night (Uncle Willy and Uncle Zach went to bed around 4am). Copper and Maggie the basset got along very well, even curling up next to each other for naps on the couch!

The next morning Dave, Great-Grandpa Ed, Alex and I headed to Superior to meet the rest of the family! Auntie Robyn, and Uncle Jon, Lauren and Jay, Auntie Kathy and Andrea were all there to meet Alexandra. Wolfgang Puck (I mean Lauren) had prepared a scrumptious feast straight out of a Food Network special for us to enjoy while we visited. We had the pleasure of hearing Alex really laugh for the first time-- Robyn was entertaining her with fake sneezes and funny noises. She seemed fascinated by Ellie-dog but was really enamored by Jay. We have a couple videos-- they're not nearly as cute as the real thing, but you'll get a feel for it.
We spent a second night at the farm- toasty and warm with the wood-stove going (I felt like I went through a rite of passage when I got to put the first diaper in the fire for disposal...). Alex started watching a scary movie with Uncle Willy and Zach (so I could take a long-awaited sauna), but fell asleep in the middle and slept through zombie-dogs attacking screaming people. Only at the farm.

Uncle Willy went home yesterday-- we'll miss him, although it will be nice to have my couch back (just kidding-- he was a big help around the house). Today is a quiet day at home- we don't have anything scheduled Mondays for recuperation purposes.

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Gramps (Steve) said...

I remember when we took Amy up to the farm and she sat on her Great Grandpa's lap just like Alex is here.

Time flies I guess.

Glad you had a good time.