Sunday, February 24, 2008

Singing for her Supper

During her morning naptime, Alex regaled us with a lot of singing. She wasn't crying, just entertaining herself, and Huxley kept meowing back to her. I couldn't resist sneaking in the room and recording a little bit for everyone to hear!

Alex had her first 'big girl' highchair experience in a restaurant today. She was a bit small for the wooden highchair at Kurry Kebab (in Northfield-- we met up with my father, Sue, and Uncle Willy there this afternoon), so we padded her with my jackets until she could sit up fairly well on her own.
She enjoyed the new perspective on the world, and was very inquisitive and curious about what was going on. Even though she had eaten a mere forty-five minutes before, she saw us enjoying our food and got fussy until she could have another bottle. It's amazing how interactive she is with her world now, and it's so exciting to see her grow and develop more every day.
Auntie Carrie came over for baby-time, laundry, and pizza this evening. She got to experience the adventure that is mealtime by feeding Miss Alex-- who was quite the sight afterwards.

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Mary said...

I listen to Alex "singing" (and Huxley responding) every day. It is so sweet! Love being able to hear her as well as see her.
love, Grandma M.