Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sleepy in a Snowsuit

This morning, Alex and I bundled up, strapped in and headed to Costco in Eden Prairie to pick up some photos. Then we hit Michaels (I'm going to attempt to start scrapbooking Alex's first months). The next place we were scheduled to stop at was a MOMS Club playgroup back in Prior Lake. Alex had fun watching the older kids run around, and she got really close to rolling from her back to her front (had I not bugged her, she probably would have done it!)
After playgroup, we stopped at home for a quick nap (30 minutes), and then it was back in the car for dry cleaners, the eye doctor, and Target.

Needless to say, Alex was exhausted when we returned home from our second run. She fell asleep in her carseat, and I was able to transfer her into her crib without waking her up. The only problem was that she was still bundled up in her snowsuit. Solution below. Who needs to remove the outer layer totally???

After her nap, she was all smiles.

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