Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dinner at the Olsons

As you can see from the timestamp on this blog entry, it is only 7:30pm, and we are back home from our big night out. Oh, how life has changed! Last year at this time, Dave and I were just announcing the pregnancy. Melissa and Jeff were waiting for their referral, and we would start a dinner party at 7:30pm-- maybe catch a movie, and then end the evening with a few cocktails at a fancy restaurant. Tonight was WAY more fun (seriously--- it was!) We arrived at the Olson house at 3:30pm, pizza in hand and the Daddies watched the babies while Melissa and I went to Once Upon a Child to 'shop'. We played with the kids and Graham showed us all his new 'tricks' (he's such a smart little guy!). We ate around 5:30pm-- Dave and I were very amused / frightened by the world of toddlers that Graham gave us a sneek peak at-- dinnertime at the Olson house is full of fun surprises and flying food!

Graham was so cute-- he crept up to Alex's carseat as we were getting ready to go, and started 'petting' her face-- she would smile back at him! It's really fun to see them interacting more and more each time we visit.
And now we're back home! Just in time for Alex to go to sleep, and get ready to start another day.
Oh-- other 'firsts' for the day include Daddy's first time feeding Alex rice cereal. He started off by wondering how she could get as messy as she does in some of the pictures I've taken. In a matter of seconds he found the answer. They had fun, though--

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Mary said...

There are a lot of cute CHEEKS in this photo. How darling.
Grandma M.