Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daddy's Home!

Sorry for the delay, all you loyal Alex-blog followers. We were having (and still are having) technical difficulties with the main computer in the house. I am right now typing this on my "big computer" (the tv) with the wireless keyboard-- so pardon any typos!
Alex has definitely been in" Daddy withdrawal" for the past few days. At yoga on Sunday, we ended up putting our mat down next to the only father/daughter team at class. Alex spent the entire hour trying to catch that daddy's eye, and get him to pay attention to her. I felt awful that she was looking for a father figure! The instructor was laughing about it, but it really was heartbreaking!
We went to the airport in -9 degree weather to pick us her daddy that evening. She was sleeping when Dave came down to the baggage claim, but woke up a few minutes later (we waited for his baggage for 1 hour and 15 minutes!). Dave came over to the stroller and started talking to her. She was so shocked at seeing his face suddenly hovering over her that her eyes got huge and she just stared at him for a good minute before cracking a gigantic smile that lit up her whole body!
Daddy put her to bed last night, and she just snuggled right into his arms for her bottle. She seemed very glad to have her world back the way it should be. (and I was very glad not to be a single parent anymore-- that's really hard work!)

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