Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Costco Baby Spies Puppy

We had to go to Costco this morning to pick up some photos, and Alex sat in the shopping cart for the first time! She did pretty well, considering that she can't quite sit up on her own yet. Fortunately, the side of the cart was a comfy place to lean. She was talking and talking to all the boxes and lights-- I tried to get some on video, but it doesn't capture the true feeling of having a four and a half month old narrate an entire shopping trip.

Alex is officially a 'big girl'. She has graduated from her infant carseat to a big-girl carseat, thus ending the 'easy' days of toting the baby from place to place-it's a bit more complicated now, but we'll figure it out (This morning I was carrying a baby, a coffee, three library books and a diaper bag into our MOMS club meeting!).
Because of her new 'big girl' status, we've doubled up our efforts in the sitting-up department. She was practicing all afternoon, but kept getting distracted by Copper. Alex will respond to the words "eat", and "puppy"-- you can see an example of the latter below.

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Melissa and Jeff said...

It appears that Graham and Alex enjoy hanging out in the same places...or that their mommies have the same idea about what makes a good day! Today Graham also went to the library and got to ride around in a Costco cart. I be we just missed each other! :)