Saturday, February 9, 2008

Copper & Alex

Auntie Carrie came over last night to keep us company. This morning she watched Alex while Mommy showered and took Copper for a long-overdue excursion. Alex and Auntie Carrie were playing 'tug o war' with Alex's pants. Carrie won, but the baby put up a good fight!

Copper was so happy that we got to go for a walk that she was in a great mood all day long. While Alex has definitely noticed the dog, today was the first day she was really, really watching her. Copper decided to indulge the baby's fascination by cozying up to her during playtime. (Don't worry grandmas-- I was right next to them the whole time they were together).

1 comment:

Gramps (Steve) said...

The picture of Alex and Copper together is really precious.

Buddy, Cory and Riley can't wait to meet her.