Friday, February 22, 2008

Another day at the Zoo

Alex and I were at the Prior Lake police station at 9am sharp for a carseat check this morning. The officer in charge first stated that we did a phenomenal job installing the carseat tightly. Then she unhooked it, fiddled, and put it back in, saying "yep-- you guys did it right!". What, may I ask, was the point of her fooling around with it, then???

So, we were fifteen minutes late for ECFE class this morning, but it was ok because it's a relaxed group that doesn't get too hung up on firm 'start times'. Alex had fun in school-- she spent a lot of time exploring some new toys.

After class, our friends Megan and Emma joined us for a trip to the Zoo! We love it there (obviously). The Mommies had a bite to eat, and Al and Emma were so good! Then we showed them around Alex's favorite spots (the aquariums), and even splurged on a monorail ride.
Poor Alex was so tired that she fell asleep as soon as I got her snowsuit back on. She hadn't napped all morning, but she really didn't get fussy-- just really talkative.Now we're at home, and she's attempting to nap-- hopefully she'll take a nice long one this afternoon, because Daddy is going solo tonight (I have a MOMS Club scrapbooking date!)

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