Friday, February 29, 2008

Daddy's Night-time Routine

Dave and I trade off nights of putting Alex to sleep. The routine varies depending on which one of us is doing it-- I sing lullabies and hum soothing melodies. As I was spying on my husband and child this evening, I found that Daddy also sings lullabies and recites nursery rhymes, but also supplements the 'traditional' with something quite different. It's a bit dark (as bedtime should be), but I managed to get a little on tape. See below! :-)

Happy Leap Day!

OK-- so it's not much of a holiday, but Alex and I did our best to celebrate. She got all dressed up in her cute little "Swedish girl" outfit this morning and went to class. She had fun playing with her friend Emma, and showing everyone how well she could sit up (with the Boppy for support, of course).

After class, Megan (Emma's mom) and I took the girls out to Perkins. We actually had both of them sitting in highchairs for a while. After that got old, Miss Alexandra had a bottle and fell asleep in my arms. As I wanted to actually eat my sandwich, I made a little nest for her in the booth (with a blockade, so she couldn't roll off). She was quite comfy, and snoozed the rest of the meal.
before- Big Girls in their highchairs
after- Zonked out at Perkins

Then we went to Emma's house for a playdate. Miss Emma was very kind to share her toys. She was even kinder to loan us a shirt (after an entire morning of blowing raspberries, Alexandra's shirt was SOAKED and she was miserable). I felt like quite the unprepared Mommy, but who would have guessed? :-)

After a quick nap at home, we took Copper out for a long-awaited walk. It was 36 degrees out today!!! :-) We slogged through the slushy sidewalks (how's that for alliteration?) and had a nice excursion.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

On the Mend

I think I had the cold worse than Alex did (I don't know whether that was better or worse), but after three days, we are both definitely on the mend! Yea! Thanks for all the well-wishes and advice from Grandmas and friends.

Miss Alexandra has found a new sound to make. For the past two days, we've heard a few little 'razz' noises, but today it's full force and video-worthy. I had to sneak up on her doing it, though- (which is the reason for the odd camera angle)-- if she sees the camera, she immediately stops. You can imagine how many shirts we're going through today-- when she gets done with a 'session', she looks like a little frothy rabid baby.

She's also really started watching the kitties today. Whenever they come into a room, she stops whatever it is she is doing to look at them, and try to communicate. If they're close enough, she reaches out (much to Huxley's chagrin) and tries to 'pet' them.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Good day for Napping...

Alex is still snuffly (although I've become quite adept at using the aspirator) and red-cheeked. No fever, though-- and she's doing a great job of napping (she slept in 2 hours later than normal this morning, then took a 2 1/2 hour nap, a 1 hour nap this afternoon, and another 1 hour early evening nap), so hopefully her little body is fighting off this bug. She still has a good appetite, and doesn't seem to be in a bad mood at all, so that's good news!

The downside is that we're missing all of our classes and activities! I now know that I would have gone stir-crazy long ago without my schedule! I get so bored just hanging out at home-- although, it is nice to be able to try and nap myself, instead of running around.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Both Al and I are down with an icky, snuffly, sore throat cold. I think we're just going to cancel all of our plans for the week and hibernate at home in order to recuperate. Poor Dave is also suffering from the same symptoms, but he unfortunately can't call in sick for the entire week :-( So-- our blog may be a bit boring, and hit-or-miss, depending on how everyone is doing.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Singing for her Supper

During her morning naptime, Alex regaled us with a lot of singing. She wasn't crying, just entertaining herself, and Huxley kept meowing back to her. I couldn't resist sneaking in the room and recording a little bit for everyone to hear!

Alex had her first 'big girl' highchair experience in a restaurant today. She was a bit small for the wooden highchair at Kurry Kebab (in Northfield-- we met up with my father, Sue, and Uncle Willy there this afternoon), so we padded her with my jackets until she could sit up fairly well on her own.
She enjoyed the new perspective on the world, and was very inquisitive and curious about what was going on. Even though she had eaten a mere forty-five minutes before, she saw us enjoying our food and got fussy until she could have another bottle. It's amazing how interactive she is with her world now, and it's so exciting to see her grow and develop more every day.
Auntie Carrie came over for baby-time, laundry, and pizza this evening. She got to experience the adventure that is mealtime by feeding Miss Alex-- who was quite the sight afterwards.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Dave thought this was hilarious. Need I say more?

Swimming with the Sharks....

Alex woke up bright and early this morning-- around 6am, so we dragged Daddy out of bed in order to help give her a bath. Then he went to play racquetball, and Al and I were left to our own devices- we read a couple of books, and then she decided to nap. For two hours straight!! I actually got to do some cleaning and read two articles in a magazine!!

We had some visitors this weekend. My dad and his wife, Sue, stopped by on Saturday (along with Uncle Willy) and took us to Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America. It was Alex's dream come true! Based on her reaction to the aquarium at the MN Zoo, Dave and I knew that she would really enjoy it, but it was so fun to watch her track the sharks and rays up and over her head in the underwater tunnel.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Another day at the Zoo

Alex and I were at the Prior Lake police station at 9am sharp for a carseat check this morning. The officer in charge first stated that we did a phenomenal job installing the carseat tightly. Then she unhooked it, fiddled, and put it back in, saying "yep-- you guys did it right!". What, may I ask, was the point of her fooling around with it, then???

So, we were fifteen minutes late for ECFE class this morning, but it was ok because it's a relaxed group that doesn't get too hung up on firm 'start times'. Alex had fun in school-- she spent a lot of time exploring some new toys.

After class, our friends Megan and Emma joined us for a trip to the Zoo! We love it there (obviously). The Mommies had a bite to eat, and Al and Emma were so good! Then we showed them around Alex's favorite spots (the aquariums), and even splurged on a monorail ride.
Poor Alex was so tired that she fell asleep as soon as I got her snowsuit back on. She hadn't napped all morning, but she really didn't get fussy-- just really talkative.Now we're at home, and she's attempting to nap-- hopefully she'll take a nice long one this afternoon, because Daddy is going solo tonight (I have a MOMS Club scrapbooking date!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I can't understand why you have a headache

I spoke w/ Amy earlier today and she said she had a headache that wouldn't go away. I got home this evening and was playing with Alex... See if you can figure out if there is a connection:

Sleepy in a Snowsuit

This morning, Alex and I bundled up, strapped in and headed to Costco in Eden Prairie to pick up some photos. Then we hit Michaels (I'm going to attempt to start scrapbooking Alex's first months). The next place we were scheduled to stop at was a MOMS Club playgroup back in Prior Lake. Alex had fun watching the older kids run around, and she got really close to rolling from her back to her front (had I not bugged her, she probably would have done it!)
After playgroup, we stopped at home for a quick nap (30 minutes), and then it was back in the car for dry cleaners, the eye doctor, and Target.

Needless to say, Alex was exhausted when we returned home from our second run. She fell asleep in her carseat, and I was able to transfer her into her crib without waking her up. The only problem was that she was still bundled up in her snowsuit. Solution below. Who needs to remove the outer layer totally???

After her nap, she was all smiles.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Old Kids... Meet my New Kid...

Alex and I were honored to be invited to Cristo Rey's "You've Made a Difference" program this afternoon. Six of my former Minneapolis Academy students attend this fledgling Jesuit high school-- and we got a chance to tour the grounds (in a brand new building shared with Urban Youth in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis), catch up with the kids, and be honored in a nice little ceremony.

Alex took it all in stride. Even though it was technically 'breakdown time' (4-5pm), she was a perfect little baby-- she met lots of new friends, and entertained the entire back half of the auditorium with her 'stories' (she didn't fuss, she was just talking). I was paid an even greater honor than the one my students nominated me for. The English teacher at Cristo Rey sought me out, and introduced herself to me. She said that she had been waiting to meet me, because my kids were always talking about what we did in class. She said that she wanted me to know that my kids were the best prepared group of all of the freshman class! :-) Sigh....maybe I will go back to teaching someday :-)

Oh-- and a funny little sidenote-- all of my MA students asked why I left Copper at home. Apparently, they take it for granted that she would accompany me everywhere I go! :-) I explained to them that I wasn't too sure that the other students, faculty and directors of their high school would be as excited to see a dog coming in the doors.

My Little Panda

I couldn't resist posting this photo. Tell me she isn't the sweetest baby girl you've ever seen! (I know it borders on bragging-- but hey, it's my blog! )

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Costco Baby Spies Puppy

We had to go to Costco this morning to pick up some photos, and Alex sat in the shopping cart for the first time! She did pretty well, considering that she can't quite sit up on her own yet. Fortunately, the side of the cart was a comfy place to lean. She was talking and talking to all the boxes and lights-- I tried to get some on video, but it doesn't capture the true feeling of having a four and a half month old narrate an entire shopping trip.

Alex is officially a 'big girl'. She has graduated from her infant carseat to a big-girl carseat, thus ending the 'easy' days of toting the baby from place to place-it's a bit more complicated now, but we'll figure it out (This morning I was carrying a baby, a coffee, three library books and a diaper bag into our MOMS club meeting!).
Because of her new 'big girl' status, we've doubled up our efforts in the sitting-up department. She was practicing all afternoon, but kept getting distracted by Copper. Alex will respond to the words "eat", and "puppy"-- you can see an example of the latter below.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Star is Born!

Since Alex had a snuffly nose yesterday, we didn't get to blog because we were busy trying to make her feel better. Today, however, it seems to have cleared up-(yea for Vicks waterless vaporizer!)- just in time for Alex's first video shoot!
Our good friend Kris Greer (Graham's grandma) is a producer for the KARE 11 show "Blueprint for Green"- an eco-friendly home construction show. They were doing a segment on organic babies, and Alex was invited to be on the show with her buddy, Graham. We drove to their offices in Eden Prairie, and brought all of our wooden toys, organic formula, and natural fiber blankies (the one Auntie Carrie made was featured in one shot of baby Alex snuggled up). It was really fun to watch the babies play-- Graham was a very good sharer, he kept giving Alex the tambourine and then taking it back, and then giving it to her again. I think they got some good footage of two cute, chubby-cheeked babes playing with their hippie toys! :-)
The show will air in March, so we will let everyone know when we hear a specific date. For all of you non-Minnesotans, it will be available on-line soon after it airs on tv (and Dave set up the TIVO to record it as well-- just in case!).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dinner at the Olsons

As you can see from the timestamp on this blog entry, it is only 7:30pm, and we are back home from our big night out. Oh, how life has changed! Last year at this time, Dave and I were just announcing the pregnancy. Melissa and Jeff were waiting for their referral, and we would start a dinner party at 7:30pm-- maybe catch a movie, and then end the evening with a few cocktails at a fancy restaurant. Tonight was WAY more fun (seriously--- it was!) We arrived at the Olson house at 3:30pm, pizza in hand and the Daddies watched the babies while Melissa and I went to Once Upon a Child to 'shop'. We played with the kids and Graham showed us all his new 'tricks' (he's such a smart little guy!). We ate around 5:30pm-- Dave and I were very amused / frightened by the world of toddlers that Graham gave us a sneek peak at-- dinnertime at the Olson house is full of fun surprises and flying food!

Graham was so cute-- he crept up to Alex's carseat as we were getting ready to go, and started 'petting' her face-- she would smile back at him! It's really fun to see them interacting more and more each time we visit.
And now we're back home! Just in time for Alex to go to sleep, and get ready to start another day.
Oh-- other 'firsts' for the day include Daddy's first time feeding Alex rice cereal. He started off by wondering how she could get as messy as she does in some of the pictures I've taken. In a matter of seconds he found the answer. They had fun, though--

Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Daily Schedule

Alex and I took it easy today. No ECFE classes due to President's Day Weekend, so we hung out at home and stimulated our minds by folding some laundry and working on our colors. Grandpa Claude stopped by for dinner on his way up to Duluth tonight, but Alexandra was already in bed for the night, so she didn't get to visit with him. Dave and I enjoyed catching up, though!
All in all, a pretty 'quiet' day for Miss Alex.

Alexandra has been sleeping about 11 hours at a stretch for the past three nights, and her schedule is pretty set. In case anyone is wondering-

7:20 wake-up; breakfast from Mom; play with Mommy; sometimes a bath!
9:00 am nap (45 min-1 hr) - depending on the day, we could have class during this morning time
10:30 6 oz. of formula; time to sing some songs and work on our sounds
12:00 noon- afternoon nap (45 min- 1 hr)
1:30 rice cereal and 4-6oz of formula; storytime- playing with Mommy, a trip to Target (or wherever our errands bring us)
3:00- late afternoon power nap (30-45 min)
4:30 afternoon snack from Mom - practice our instruments and read more stories
5:30 Daddy gets home! Time to exercise & practice rolling over
7:00 Dinner (8 oz formula) and bedtime!
(sometimes there is an early am snack between 4am and 6:30am)

Alex on your Desktop

I, like I'm sure many of you, have a picture of Alex on your computer desktop. In order to make life easier for everyone I've started tagging images in the gallery w/ the keyword, "Desktop" for those pictures that I have used. I'll add a permanent link to the search on the side bar shortly. For now, click here.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to Daddy

Here's what I received from Alex (and Amy) for Valentines Day:

Happy Hearts Day!

This morning, Alex and I joined our MOMS club at the local retirement home for some crafting and cookie-making fun. Alexandra made a few new friends- There was one lady, Beatrice, who was aching to hold her, and Alex seemed very content on her lap. They also matched very well-- so well that the director of the home came over and was snapping photos for the newsletter! :-) Please note that my daughter is in a 6-12 month dress, and it's a tad large. That is why she appears so enormously chubby :-)

On the upside, I think I've gotten over my irrational fear of retirement homes. Although, I do have to say that the 'internet cafe' of Keystone Communities (where we went today) felt like the Cage in Buntrock Commons and did NOT smell of mashed potatoes.

After our exciting morning, Alex took a good long nap and woke up ready to eat. She got to try out her brand-new big girl highchair (thank you Dad and Sue!). She was a bit perplexed by the tray in front of her, but as soon as the rice cereal made its appearance, she was good to go.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Cat in the Hat.....

The Cat in the Hat made a rare appearance today. He came out of retirement to visit Baby Aiden, Eddie and Jackie at the hospital. The nurses were very perplexed as to why my husband was donning a mask and gloves, but we did it fast enough that nobody stopped us! :-) TOTALLY worth it to see the shocked/scared look on Eddie's face when the Cat walked into the room. (For those of you who have no idea of what I'm talking about-- it's a family joke-- we used to have this scary Cat in the Hat doll that we would pass back and forth whenever something important happened in our lives-- graduations, weddings, new homes. I decided to take it to the next level and have someone-- that would be Dave-- be the Cat in the Hat.. Much scarier. I know-- twisted, isn't it?)

Alex was confused as to why her mommy was holding another baby, but she took it all in stride. She was dressed in the cute little heart romper that Grandma Jones mailed her! Uncle Willy came with us, and somehow was able to navigate rush hour traffic and get us home safely, even with a squalling unhappy panda in the back carseat (she was very tired from a long day).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Drummer Girl

First off, we want to say "Welcome to the World, Mr. Aidan Joshua Kellner!!" The newest addition to the Kellner clan arrived this morning, around 10:30-ish. Alex, Uncle Willy, Dave and I plan to visit the new family in the hospital tomorrow evening.....I've heard a strange rumor that "the Cat" might show up-- but I'm not sure what that means. :-)

After playing phone tag with numerous relatives all morning, and going to our weekly workout at Burnsville Center, Alex and I ran some errands. We went to our favorite toy store in St. Paul (Peapods: I know, I've turned into a hippie after becoming a mom, but I just wanted a place to buy European toys!!) make a return, and ended up just using the store credit to buy some instruments. Alex seems to love the drum. Percy (as you can see in the photo) commandeered the egg shaker. All I have to say is don't be surprised if you see Dave as the lead tambourine-player in our family band. He'll be the one wearing the tassled leather vest. :-)Then we stopped our practice for a little lunch. Just so you can truly have the whole experience of lunchtime, I have included a "before", "during", and "after" shot of Miss Alexandra. She seems to revel in making as much of a sticky rice mess as possible!

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Friends!

Copper greeted our new friends, Megan and Miss Emma, as they arrived at our house for a playdate this morning. She had just gone out the back door for a 'coffee break' when they pulled up, and she joyously (and with much barking) brought them to the front. Meanwhile, my head was sticking out the back door, wondering where in the world my dog had wandered off to now. (She almost joined a neighborhood 'dog gang' the other day--- I swear they came into my back yard to recruit her-- but I caught her just in time to save her from a life of delinquency).

Anyway- our friends that we met at Friday ECFE class came by today for a playdate. Megan brought delicious treats, and Emma and Alex shared their toys very well. OK--- they sat next to each other and drooled, and then sat in their respective mommy's laps and drooled, and then laid next to each other and grabbed at the same toys while drooling. All in all, we had a very nice morning. The animals, though, had to be put in their rooms because not one of the three could resist the smell of blueberry muffins. Poor Copper thought that they were treats for her. Percy just wanted to lick baby hair (which is ok when it's just Alex, but I felt bad subjecting Emma to the treatment), and Huxley kept sneaking around our backs, vying for a better position from which to snatch the breakfast bakery.
The rest of our day will be much less fun-- errands that involve a carseat, the grocery store, and the bank after Miss Alex wakes up from her afternoon nap. Oh well, life must carry on.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daddy's Home!

Sorry for the delay, all you loyal Alex-blog followers. We were having (and still are having) technical difficulties with the main computer in the house. I am right now typing this on my "big computer" (the tv) with the wireless keyboard-- so pardon any typos!
Alex has definitely been in" Daddy withdrawal" for the past few days. At yoga on Sunday, we ended up putting our mat down next to the only father/daughter team at class. Alex spent the entire hour trying to catch that daddy's eye, and get him to pay attention to her. I felt awful that she was looking for a father figure! The instructor was laughing about it, but it really was heartbreaking!
We went to the airport in -9 degree weather to pick us her daddy that evening. She was sleeping when Dave came down to the baggage claim, but woke up a few minutes later (we waited for his baggage for 1 hour and 15 minutes!). Dave came over to the stroller and started talking to her. She was so shocked at seeing his face suddenly hovering over her that her eyes got huge and she just stared at him for a good minute before cracking a gigantic smile that lit up her whole body!
Daddy put her to bed last night, and she just snuggled right into his arms for her bottle. She seemed very glad to have her world back the way it should be. (and I was very glad not to be a single parent anymore-- that's really hard work!)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Copper & Alex

Auntie Carrie came over last night to keep us company. This morning she watched Alex while Mommy showered and took Copper for a long-overdue excursion. Alex and Auntie Carrie were playing 'tug o war' with Alex's pants. Carrie won, but the baby put up a good fight!

Copper was so happy that we got to go for a walk that she was in a great mood all day long. While Alex has definitely noticed the dog, today was the first day she was really, really watching her. Copper decided to indulge the baby's fascination by cozying up to her during playtime. (Don't worry grandmas-- I was right next to them the whole time they were together).

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Real Page-Turner

Literally. Some people doubted when I told them. Hard evidence exists below. Ha!

Another Art Major?

Right after waking up this morning, Miss Alex found her foot. She refused to be distracted from the ultimate goal-- putting said foot into her mouth. All throughout her morning rituals, she worked hard, but her mean mommy made her put some shoes on so she could go to school.

Alex's first art project took place this morning. Miss Susan, our ECFE instructor, brought lots of crafting materials so that we could make Valentine's Day surprises for our Daddies. I don't want to give away too much of Dave's surprise, but I'll let you see the pictures and you can probably figure it out from there. Most babies cried or squirmed when paint was applied to their little feet. Not Alex-- she's either a true artist, or a very kinesthetic learner who is going to do her fair share of getting dirty while playing. Either way, we ended up with a very cute 'surprise'.

This was a funny picture. All of the moms really seemed to get into the craft (probably because it was an 'assignment' that we had to do, and it gave us some interaction with other adults), and the babies were just kind of left to their own devices. Luckily, no one is mobile yet, and Miss Susan was there to entertain the "abandoned" babes.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Independent Baby Plays By Self

Alex and I were 'kicked out' of storytime at the library today. I told Dave it was because his daughter was inappropriately dressed :-) , but the real story is that you have to be 18 months old to register for a spot. I thought about getting into a debate about the merits of early literacy with the librarian, but decided against it, as I still had to check out some books and didn't want to end up blacklisted. So we headed back home and read stories here.

At least, I tried. Today was Alex's independent day. She didn't really want to sit in my lap. She didn't want me to lay on the floor with her. She wanted to play by herself. Once I finally figured out what it was she desired, I put her in her little gym on the nursery floor and I worked out on the elliptical, calling out encouragement from the exercise machine whenever she would kick or grab at her toys. Then we went into the living room and she had independent tummy time-- I really did try to get her to interact, but she wasn't having any of it. I ended up laying next to her on the floor and reading one of my books while she played.

We also went to the zoo this afternoon, and really enjoyed ourselves. Two o-clock is the time to go. The animals that are normally snoozing are up and about, pacing around for their suppers. The volunteers have started to recognize us (we go about once a week), and Alex had the undivided attention of two self-described "grandmas" who were smitten with my little girl in pink.

Without Daddy here, we go to bed early. Alex was down at 6 again this evening, leaving me with some time to blog and do some dishes. We made sure to look at lots of photos of Daddy this morning and evening before she went to bed, and practice our handsigns for "daddy", "eat", "kitty", and "puppy" (the most important words in Alex's life).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Carseats are no fun all day long!

Alex and I were home for a total of 1 hr and 15 minutes from 8am until 5pm today. It was a bit crazy. We went to Kindermusik this morning, and then ran some errands. Poor Al only had a half hour nap in her crib before it was time to go to the photographers to pick out the prints we wanted. We ended up buying the digital rights to all the proofs, and will receive them in about a week, so if anyone wants specific pictures, email us and we can cut a deal ( pw: maroamy)! We also decided to splurge on an 8 x 10 family shot. The photographer had a great deal on frames, glass and mats (cheaper than Michael's would be) so we decided to have them do it. I'm excited to see how it turns out and looks on our wall.
We got back to the house and had fifteen minutes before we had to bring Daddy to the airport (he's skiing at Snowbird for the remainder of the week) so Alex didn't even get out of her carseat-- it would have been cruel to give her that taste of freedom and then snatch it away.
She's having a hard night-- can't quite decide what she wants to do, and there's only one parent, so its not as much fun at all! Normally Daddy does her gymnastic routines (rolling and stretching), and Mommy apparently doesn't do it 'correctly'. He'll be back Sunday evening, so we'll have to figure it out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rice Cereal Adventures

"She's a perfect little girl!" is what the doctor told me at our well-baby check this morning. Alex is 84% for head circumference, 86% for height (25"), and 96% for weight (15.5 lbs). According to our doctor, she's developmentally ahead of most babies her age and very strong. We got the 'go ahead' to start rice cereal, so we went ahead and started in on it tonight. She wasn't too thrilled-- but I'm sure once she gets the hang of it, she'll be loving it.

She received four more shots at the doctor's today-- those are the worst. I feel so horrible when all of a sudden, she feels that sharp needle and looks at me like I can/should stop it. She squalled and big tears were rolling down her cheeks. After we came home she slept pretty much all afternoon-her little body was exhausted from the vaccines. I don't think we're going to make it to the caucases tonight-- sorry Mitt, but Alex needs the attention more than you do!

Monday, February 4, 2008

First weekend at the Farm!

Well, Miss Alex had a very exciting weekend. She was a perfect traveling baby. We headed up to the farm Friday night, and arrived around 8:30-- Al had slept the whole way there, so she visited for a while before retiring for the evening. She did a great job going to bed and sleeping soundly, even when everyone else was up laughing and talking well into the night (Uncle Willy and Uncle Zach went to bed around 4am). Copper and Maggie the basset got along very well, even curling up next to each other for naps on the couch!

The next morning Dave, Great-Grandpa Ed, Alex and I headed to Superior to meet the rest of the family! Auntie Robyn, and Uncle Jon, Lauren and Jay, Auntie Kathy and Andrea were all there to meet Alexandra. Wolfgang Puck (I mean Lauren) had prepared a scrumptious feast straight out of a Food Network special for us to enjoy while we visited. We had the pleasure of hearing Alex really laugh for the first time-- Robyn was entertaining her with fake sneezes and funny noises. She seemed fascinated by Ellie-dog but was really enamored by Jay. We have a couple videos-- they're not nearly as cute as the real thing, but you'll get a feel for it.
We spent a second night at the farm- toasty and warm with the wood-stove going (I felt like I went through a rite of passage when I got to put the first diaper in the fire for disposal...). Alex started watching a scary movie with Uncle Willy and Zach (so I could take a long-awaited sauna), but fell asleep in the middle and slept through zombie-dogs attacking screaming people. Only at the farm.

Uncle Willy went home yesterday-- we'll miss him, although it will be nice to have my couch back (just kidding-- he was a big help around the house). Today is a quiet day at home- we don't have anything scheduled Mondays for recuperation purposes.

Friday, February 1, 2008

We're in the car headed to the farm. Lets see if we can post remotely using dave's phone

This message is for the designated recipient only and may contain privileged, proprietary, or otherwise private information. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original. Any other use of the email by you is prohibited.

Happy 4 Months!

No new photos today, sorry! Alex and I have had a very full morning, though. Barb, our neighbor, invited us out for breakfast at Perkins with some of the other neighborhood ladies. Alex was quite the charmer, smiling and cooing at everyone there. They all commented on how darling she was, and she was perfectly behaved for a four month old.
That's right-- today is Alex's four month birthday! To celebrate we went to Target and bought some new bigger bottles (8 oz) and are going to formally retire the little 4 oz ones :-( For all you mommies to be out there--- just buy 8 ozers from the start. Had we done that, we could have saved a bunch of money!
After breakfast, I strapped a sleepy and protesting baby into her carseat and headed to Shakopee for ECFE Mommy & Me class. Because our breakfast was at 9am, we had to go to a different section of class than we normally do. Normally on Fridays Alex is the 'big girl' in the room-- all of the other babes are 2-3 months old. However, today she was the youngest. She amused herself watching the bigger babies (8-9 monthers) army crawl / scoot around the room and explore.
Needless to say, she was very tired when we returned home, and struggled to lay down for a 'real' nap- (car trips don't count), but she finally settled. We are packing for our trip up to Great Grandpa's farm tonight-- we won't have any blog updates this weekend from Meadowlands, but I'm sure we'll have lots of good pictures and stories on Monday.