Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yogi Baby Feeds Self

Well, today has been a very busy one so far. This morning we tried a new church-- Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran in Prior Lake. It was a very good experience-- Alex was perfectly behaved, and entertained the retirement home crowd who were behind us (we neglected to read the bulletin which asked all families with young children to sit in a certain spot, and instead plopped down right in the middle of the retirement community's "space"). The church is very casual, but seems lively and fun-- and there are LOTS of kids and programs/activities for them as well. The other plus is that the "Brimstone" factor (as Dave has coined the excessive mention of sin and hell) was a zero (as opposed to a 7-8 in other churches we have tried)! Yea, positivity!

We came home, had a quick nap (Alex), lunch (Alex and parents) and then Alex and I went to Mommy & Me Yoga in Shakopee. The instructor, Miss Susan, is our ECFE instructor as well, so Alexandra loves to go and visit with her. Everything was going very well until we started lifting babies up over our heads (Think of it as resistance weight). Alex smiled and smiled as she slowly rose up, up, up-- over my head. Then, as my leg muscles were burning from the exaggerated squat I was in, I felt something warm and liquidy running down my head. As she was pushed up into the air, right on cue, she spit up all over me. Motherhood. We recovered, wiped off quickly and went on with the routine, somewhat sticky, but determined to finish! She really liked the inversions and infant massage parts of class this morning, and I got a good workout as well.

After an afternoon snack and nap, we headed up to St. Paul to visit Auntie Carrie's apartment and go out for dinner. Alex played for a while, then took a nap in her carseat while the adults ate at Mai Village (yummmm.....).

As Daddy put her to sleep, we discovered that our little girl is growing up WAY too quickly. First off, the sleeper she is in in a 6-12 month size. Notice that she fills it out rather nicely. Then, look closely at WHO is holding the bottle for the first time ever!

She insisted on holding it herself-- whenever Dave had to help her reposition, she fussed! We've known she is an independent soul, but tonight really cemented it.

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We enjoyed your commentary. Please keep them coming. Have a good Monday. Can't wait to see you Wednesday.
-Love Mom and Rorie

...."I WIN!"