Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo with Uncle Willy

Alex and I met our MOMS club at Caribou for coffee this morning. I think I've never been quite as glad that my four month old is well-behaved and basically immobile. Chaos would be one way to describe six moms trying to have an adult conversation while entertaining (containing) ten kids, trying to clean up various baked goods being crumbled around the table, and balancing hot cups of coffee.

After our outing this morning, we took Uncle Willy to the Minnesota Zoo to show him the aquariums. He took a ton of animal pictures to put in our "A Trip to the Zoo" album that I am making for Alex. We had fun "finding Nemo"-- there's only one clownfish in the coral reef exhibit-- (Will was laughing because I was more excited about it than the flock of HeadStart kids next to me-- I tried getting their attention, but they could have cared less). We hit Discovery Bay, the Tropics, and suited up for the Minnesota Trail. I can't wait until it's nice enough to walk around the outside exhibits, too-- but right now those three take about an hour to do with the baby, so the timing is perfect.

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