Monday, January 28, 2008

Trained Chimp knocks down Blocks

During the majority of the playtime that we have at home, Alex is focused on knocking down blocks. Nothing is quite as rewarding as having someone else build the towers, so that you can destroy them. This afternoon, we enjoyed a rousing session of 'knock it down'. You can feel like you were a part of the action by watching the brilliantly-shot video below:

Other than that, today has been pretty quiet. While we were waiting for Uncle Willy to come home from Costa Rica we ran some errands, strolled around the Burnsville Mall (yea for HUGE clearance sales at The Children's Place-- we got a snowsuit AND puffy jacket for next winter for $10 each!), and took Copper for a stroll around the block in the balmy 40 degree weather!

Alex glorying in her destructive capabilities!

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