Saturday, January 26, 2008

A New Look for the Blog...

OK, I've finally gotten a handle on this "mommy" thing well enough to take over blogging duties. Now you will not be at the mercy of Dave's ever-dwindling supply of free-time. If everything goes as planned, I will be regaling you with Alexandra anecdotes and a hearty supply of pictures during morning naptime. (Don't worry-- Dave's sarcastic comments will still make guest appearances from time to time).

In case you missed it, or didn't have a connection to download a HUGE file, we compressed the best jumper video. Enjoy!

And a video of the sweet morning smiles I get when it's time to wake up! (This is maybe a month old, so Alexandra looks a bit younger...)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We feel that there has never been anything as cute!!! We have watched Alex in her bouncer at least twenty times...We LOVE that big smile of hers! We love you chubby panda!

(This calls for another, "I win!")

-Your obsessed grandma and aunt