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Saturday, January 12, 2008
This weekend:
Back down in Des Moines for Rorie’s “Madrigal Dinner”. Rorie is the ugly wench… or something like that.
- Alex traveled very well. She slept the whole way, while Amy drove. (White-knuckle experience for her w/ the snow and having all of us in the vehicle, trusting her w/ our lives.)
Alex is up to ~14lbs. She has been finding her hands to placate herself when we can’t get her a pacifier. (Often times preferring the thumb to a pacifier…). She’s looking around a lot. We can get her to tolerate tummy-time for almost 5 minutes now.

past week
Back at work. Between roles.

Amy and Alex went to the Zoo. Alex talked to the bald eagle, tree kangaroo and the leopard shark – she really liked the shark. Basically, the animals that actually moved she enjoyed.
At home she has been knocking down blocks and petting kitties. (Only a matter of time until she starts knocking down cats and petting blocks… ;-).

She was baptized on Dec. 30th @ Mountain View Lutheran Church. (not the 29th when Cathleen first showed up at the church). Thank you Jeff Loehr and Cathleen Saylor for being Alex’s sponsors.

Alex did great waiting in the ‘audience’ during the sermon, and slept most of the time while on stage. Alex woke up while Amy and Claude sang during their duet across the church – she was a little confused about where the voice was coming from. While up on stage, groggy, she was doing just fine - But when Claude put the holy water on her head she woke up. (Well, her eyes stayed closed initially, but both legs and arms all stuck straight out each time the water touched her.) She didn’t cry.

Getting Alex to that point, however, did not go quite as smoothly.
Note To self: Confirm that the baptismal gown actually fits BEFORE the day of the baptism. Alex was the same age as Amy and I when she was baptized – however, apparently she’s been eating better. (hurray for that supplemental formula!).
Plan A: Put Alex in Amy’s baptismal outfit. Problem: Pants were a little too tight. They didn’t ‘leave anything to the imagination’. And Alex doesn’t like tight clothing (e.g. tights = not her friend).
Plan B: “David and Carrie’s gown will work!”. So we figured we were fine. We got to the church and began the change-over. First issue: Alex’s arms are a little larger than ours were – so the gown was cutting off her circulation. (Grandma Mary to the rescue!) With a pair of scissors mom ‘loosened’ the arms a little. Second Issue: Buttons on the back were coming off! Oh well – we kept her back towards the front of the church so the audience couldn’t see… (Only God could see her transgression ;-).

But like I said, aside from the outfit issue, it all went great.

After the baptism we had almost 40 people over to my parents house. We had great food (thank you Annamaria for the Lasagna and Mom for everything), family and friends all over to celebrate with us. Again, lots of fun (aside from it being a little chilly outside for the non-midwesterners.)

Alex seemed pretty content and enjoyed the crinkling of wrapping paper. Next Christmas will be even better when she’s actually aware of what’s going on.

Two weeks in AZ
Everyone’s convinced that Alex grew a LOT during the almost 12 days we were down in Arizona. With all the new people to continually interact with and new experiences each day she seemed to grow both mentally (looking around more) AND physically (we kept her well fed w/ formula – since _everyone_ wanted to feed her (which made our lives easier)).

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
We have jeff, jon, carrie, rorie, amy and i hanging out for new years.

Alex is asleep in her crib.

Friday, December 21, 2007
Here is our Christmas letter:

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been a few years since we've drafted a Christmas message, but there has been a number of changes in the Marotz household this past year, so we decided it was once again letter-writing time.

In case you've been living under a rock, Miss Alexandra Mary Marotz joined our family at 12:08am on October 1st. Dave live-blogged most of the labor, up to the point where we were rolled into the O.R. for the c-section. Apparently Alex is going to be an acrobat, because she was playing "Cirque du Solei" with her umbilical cord. This caused a bit of concern for the doctors, but thankfully everyone was happy and healthy. Alex weighed in at 7 lbs even, and was 20.5" long.

The "boys" (Percy and Huxley) have adapted to living with a little two-legger rather nicely. You'd think the baby would be the noisiest thing in our household right now, but Huxley continues to vie for the title, and so far has maintained his reputation as the most obnoxious (but loving) yowling feline. Percy has accepted Alex as one of his own, even to the point of including her in his grooming ritual, but he is always startled off when she flails her arms and laughs in the middle of her "bath".

Copper is still my best buddy. She has decided, however, that she enjoys the attention she receives from the veterinary students at the University of Minnesota. Alex and I have been hauling her up there quite a bit recently (due to glaucoma in her right eye), and she seems to think that her therapy dog skills are sorely needed in the waiting area. She honestly thinks she's on-duty to comfort and encourage waiting owners. She's lost vision in her right eye, but it doesn't seem to be slowing her down any. She's still an active pup (for a basset hound)!

We are very thankful that Dave is no longer traveling to Washington D.C. every week for work. He is still with Accenture, but now has a long-term role in northern St. Paul. Last summer he hiked Machu Picchu with his family (I got to stay home and sweat through summer school in maternity clothing). Besides summiting the Inca Trail, I know he enjoyed sampling the local fare—guinea pig and alpaca. Now in his spare time he changes diapers and reads The Economist out loud to Alexandra, complete with his own conservative commentary.

I have had a complete career change in the past year. Copper and I had been teaching middle school English at Minneapolis Academy for three years. It was very hard for us to say good-bye to colleagues and students there, but we couldn't be happier with our new profession. At least I couldn't be happier—I think Copper misses the kids at school. As a full-time mom I spend my days cuddling, playing with, feeding, singing to and teaching my beautiful little girl. We attend Early Childhood Family Education classes on Fridays, playgroups on Wednesdays, Yoga and Me classes Sundays, and have outings with friends for lunch and/or museums once a week. I know, I know. What can I say— I'm type-A and enjoy having a schedule.

We hope that you all had a great 2007! If you ever want a quick update, or Baby Alex photo fix, Dave is still maintaining his blog at . We can't wait to see or talk to you all in the coming year, and hear how everything is going for your families. Have a happy holiday season!

The Marotz Family

Thursday, December 20, 2007
I guess I _could_ post an update on Alex: She's smiling a LOT more. Last night we went to the grocery store and I pushed the cart around w/ Alex facing right at me from her car-seat. She was awake the entire time, so I talked to hear about how expensive milk was ($6.29/ gallon - thank you ethanol...) and how Copper didn't need the already cut/pealed baby carrots for $1.29 for 4oz and that we could just buy her a 1lb of real carrots for $0.99. She was just staring at me, and smiling w/ her big open-mouth smile (which we can't seem to catch a still shot of...). Amy has captured some of the smiles in the morning using the video function on the Camera. We'll try to get that video online soon.

We also got Alex a Bumbo seat. (Very difficult to find right now). She really likes it - it helps her practice sitting up. (As soon as the kid can hold their head up themselves they can sit in it.) We, of course, are not using it as a high-chair or putting her on the table with it. (I think there was some news article about that being an issue...). But she seems to really like it.

I have uploaded the very first picture I took of Alex to the gallery. It was on my phone:

Note to future fathers (and for next time around): Keep the real camera in your pocket. Although, for this next time around I now have the gallery setup to automatically accept camera phone pictures - so i'll be able to post pictures even faster :-D.

Saturday, December 15, 2007
Here's Huxley and Percival - posted to ICanHasCheezburger:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Friday, December 14, 2007
Webcam is back online :^). Alex is now in her 'big girl' crib.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Back on the el headed to the airport. S far no freezing rain and the flight is on time - hopefully this holds.

I'm on the plane flying to chicago for the day. I needed 900 miles to keep at least silver status for this next year.

So far the flight is on time, but they are expecting ice storms down there today. Hopefully i can get back ok!

Oh, and amy took alex to walmart today. Alex loved it - she stayed awake the whole time (bright lights and lots of things to look at)

Monday, December 10, 2007
From Peanut's - Linus: "Big sisters are the crab-grass in the lawn of life." (From 'I want a dog for Christmas Charlie Brown')... But I'm sure Alex will be a wonderful older sister some day :^)

Friday, December 07, 2007
New video of Alexandra 'talking' is online.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Alexandra's starting to "talk" / respond much more these days. (Or so Amy tells me - since i've been having to work a lot lately / spend lots of time i the car due to snow......)

She loves her nursery rhymes and imitating sounds mommy makes. She also has started paying attention to the cats and 'pets them' with amy's help. Copper enjoys 'tummy time' with Alex and wants to lay down right next to her.

The other day Copper was at the Vet w/ Alex. Two curious dogs decided to wander up to Alex to take a sniff and the baby started to cry. Once Copper heard this she started barking at the intruders. Good to know she's protective. Not so good to have to calm a barking dog and crying baby in the waiting area.

Alex also really likes her swing. She seems to be quite content to sit in it, right next to me, staring at me, while I blog work.

SHe's also eating 6oz at a time now - up from her previous max of 4oz.

Monday, December 03, 2007
We're back in Minneapolis, and exhausted.

We had a wonderful time down in Phoenix this past weekend. Alexandra did wonderful on the plane both down and coming back. She only squawked briefly when she was hungry and wasn't being fed fast enough.

Our plane last night was delayed by almost two hours - so we didn't get into Minneapolis until 1:00am. So we weren't home until 2:30am. This morning we all slept in a little. Amy had to get up to take Alexandra to her 2mo doctors appointment. I had to snow-blown the driveway and register the QX4 in my name. I think I had the easier task today.

Amy called me after going in to the doctor. It was a rough time for both Alex and Amy. Alex had to receive her vaccinations today - 2 shots in each leg. Amy said it was painful to watch - seeing Alex in so much agony and not being able to help her. Amy pointed out that it was the first time that Alex has really felt any intentional injury - but the long term benefits should be worth it.

Alexandra is now 23" long and 12.1lbs. That puts her at the 75% for height; 75% for head circumference; and 90th% for weight. Apparently she's eating a little too well! But the doctor said she looked great, and very proportional. And he also mentioned that Alex should be able to be making it longer through the night, and is just using us to comfort her rather than calming herself down. So we get to try to start weening her off her dependency. So much for all the books saying you don't have to worry about that until she's at least 3 months old. She's progressing in her development quite rapidly!

Saturday, December 01, 2007
We're In Phoenix
Here's a picture of Alex and Amy from her first plane flight at 7 weeks old.

It went really well. We had plenty of gear to keep her entertained. In the end the college kid next to me was the one that spilled his drink on me. Other than that, it was a good flight. Alexandra recieved a "First Flight" certificate from NWA signed by the pilot and head flight-attendant.

Grandma has a crib setup for Alexandra now. So she resides just across the hall from us in the evening. On Friday we went to "Once upon a child" and picked up a cheap little travel swing - so now we have somewhere to put her when she's in her, "I don't want to be touched, but I don't want to just sit here" mode.

The weather has been rainy :(. So we can't do much outside.

More pictures to follow.
Sunday, November 18, 2007
We've got two new videos available:
Alex Sleeping, loudly

8hrs of sleep, condensed down to 8 minutes

Amy, alex and i are out hiking right now. We're doing a 5mi loop out by the renaissance festival. So if you dont hear from us for a while, thats where we are...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Here's Alexandra reading a book:

According to Amy there is a new feeding schedule at night - but apparently I don't know what it is now that I get to sleep through most of the night.

Copper's procedure went well. She's now completely blind in her right eye, which is a good thing (i guess...).

I dropped off Copper at the clinic on Monday early AM. Amy got the call at ~11:00 to come and pick up Copper. Everything went well for Amy, EXCEPT that she got out to the car w/ Alex and Copper and noticed Copper still had the IV needle in her leg! So Amy took copper back in. At this time Alex was beginning to get fussy. So Amy took Alex into the bathroom thinking, 'This will be a quick fix'. Little did she know there would be a total blow-out in the diaper. I think Amy contemplated just tossing the outfit after this event. The baby was 'smeared' up to her armpits. At about the time Amy was thinking, "uh oh", she heard copper return to the waiting area with Amy no where to be seen. So Copper did her nice quiet, "amy, where are you?" howl - for several minutes while Amy attempted to bring Alex back to a presentable state. Eventually she managed to resolve the issue w/ Alex and get copper and allow the waiting room to return to its normal calm existence (with ~30 people waiting with small pets of a variaty of types...)

Sunday, November 11, 2007
As you can see I have added a new 'feature' to the site. At the top of this page you will now automatically be presented with the most recent Album highlight image as well as the most recent picture I have added to the gallery. I will also shortly add on a gallery section for camera phone pictures.

This weekend Steve and Sue visited Alexandra (and us.). We had a very nice dinner at Perron's (Uncle Willy came too.). We hadn't considered Perron's to be a 'kid' friendly restaurant, but Alex was a perfect baby, once again. She spent most of her time staring at the candles. We only had one incident of a dirty diaper. Amy said, "I think she has a dirty diaper issue. And there is a changing table in the bathroom." So i picked up Alex and her bag of 'goodies' (the diaper bag - not the diaper) and headed off to the bathroom. I got in there and looked around and didn't see a changing table. I walked back out of the bathroom and saw a table, next to coat rack. (a coat rack full of nice jackets.....). I thought to myself, 'that can't be the 'changing table' that Amy was talking about.'. I went back into the bathroom again, into the empty stall. I closed the door and figured, 'well, i've changed a diaper on the floor before - w/ the protective drop cloth.'. Then thought, "no, there's a table out there - and Alex doesn't have the trajectory to damage the coats...". Well, thankfully (for teh coats) there were several people in the area as well. So instead I headed back into the dining room. Five minutes had transpired since I had left. Amy looked at me and said, "All done?". "Nope. Here." And promptly handed her off to Amy.

Thank you Steve and Sue for the great gift. We greatly appreciate having the new camera and will be posting lots of pictures for everyone to enjoy.

Thursday, November 08, 2007
Well, it's Thursday night and once again we find ourseles with a child who does not want to sleep. Amy fed her. We tried putting her down, she freaked out. I changed her, swaddled her, and tried to put her back down. She freaked out. I go over to my computer, put her across my arms while i type, she's fine. She stares at the bright screen and appears to be lulled to sleep by my typing. I guess this just gives me a good opportunity to practice my typing and add to the blog.

Don't get us wrong - she's a good baby. She's been with Amy to a doctors office every day this week w/ Copper. Yes, copper. We have one sick puppy. Not sick as in 'cold' sick, but sick as in, "I have glacoma in one of my eyes and it may spread to the other one and we may have to remove one eye to make things better" sick. (ok, it's not funny - it's expensive, and not funny.)

(My contacts are going fuzzy on me right now, but i can't get up to actually remove them becasue 'she' will wake up - so my attrocious spelling is probably even worse since i can't validate what i'm writing.)

I just took a break to attempt to read what i just wrote to Amy. Her comment, "Ohh, SAD..." (with a slight laugh at my description).

This past weekend Copper's right eye started to appear to 'roll-back' in her head. WE figured it was her third eyelid that was agitated by something and figured it could wait until Monday since she seemed to be able to 'focus' and bring it back into position (so she no longer looked like our dog had been treated by the Umbrella Corporation. (See the movie Resident Evil).

Copper went into the local vet and they said it looked like she might have GLaucoma and should go into the doggy-opthamologist at the U of M's St. Paul campus. THey got her in on Tuesday. They said she had lost all vision in her right eye and gave AMy some prescription drugs / eye-drops to try to control the swelling and hopefully protect the second eye. She went back in again today for another exam. Copper has no vision in her right eye any more and the left has not gotten any worse. Options: A)Surgically remove eye. $1,000. B) Remove eye and replace with prosthetic $1,500 (high likelyhood of infection - but the dog won't look like the aligator from Happy Gilmore), and C) Ablation of the eye with poison - kill the cells that generate the tears that are causing pressure in the eye - only $300. (For everything else there's mastercard.)

So Copper's going in for the ablation on Monday. THere's a high likelyhood that the other eye could eventually suffer the same fate as the first one.

Eventually we'll have a blind-dog with a bad knee and heart murmur... Oh, and our house is going to smell like oranges and pepermint. Why? And the cat's are getting bells. Can you guess why yet? We'll probably also put rugs in front of the doors and other 'markers' by the steps - and put something on the strollers wheels so, you guessed it, Copper can still maneuver around the house. We figure my parents dog Coquette (20lb Bichone frise) was diabetic for most of her life and pretty much completely blind for the last few years. A 20lb dog you can just lift up and put where you want. (Also a good way to punish them... (JUST KIDDING)). But w/ a 40lb bassett hound that's a little more challenging - so we have to help her out by providing 'signals' that she can register. There's nothing wrong with her nose or hearing (yet!).

Keep your fingers crossed.

((Amy's re-assuring me that we won't actually notice the smell - since Copper's sense of smell is so much stronger than ours we shouldn't even notice.)

Well, my typing doesn't appear to be soothing Alex anymore, I guess i better go try changing her diaper again, or handing her back to mom for the 15th feeding of the evening...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007
"Coooo" and "Ooooo" have now been heard eminating from Alexandra :).
Althought I heard her make the noises at 2:00am, so I could be

I have also temporarily resolved the issue of her 'freaking out'
after/ during her diaper changes at 2am as well. I just have to make
certain she burps _before_ getting to the changing table - then all is
well, she goes back to sleep just fine.

Sunday, November 04, 2007
Lets see, what else is new... since alex doesn't seem to want to sleep.

I received the line-item bill from the hospital yesterday. I'm not sure exactly what insurance paid for in full, and what we had to pay 15% for - i just know our percentage of that total bill is less than 15%, so i guess i can't complain too much. (HOw can anyone expect healthcare to become more efficient / cost effective when no one knows what the heck they're paying for - what insurance covers etc.). If i were fully responsible for the bill, next time I'm bringing my own Advil to the hospital. Each 600mg pill was $10.00. Each prescription pain pill was $20.00. Amy had one of each ever 3 and 4-5hrs respectively for 4 days. Once we were out of the hospital a ~30 pack of the prescription pain pills was only a $10 copay. (So i figure some similar arrangement was made such that insurance pays the bulk.)

Amazing, as i typed Alexandra actually fell asleep. Pacifier fell out, she made a few 'sucking' motions with her mouth, and silence. Guess I'll just have to balance her on my lap more often in the future when she's not wanting to go to sleep and just start typing. (My carpal-tunnal deffinately enjoys this :-/ )

ok, time for bed. (or, time to wake up Amy so _I_ can go to sleep :^).3

Alexandra does not want to go to sleep tonight. She keeps making noises, so i picked her up and now have her on my lap, w/ a pacifier in her mouth. I'm not sure if it's a good thing, but she's very focused on the computer monitor.....

Anyways, we went to the Zoo today with Graham (and Melissa, Jeff and Lynn). Yesterday 'the family' (minus copper and the boys) went to the Arboretum. I have the pictures posted to the Gallery.

(I think we've created a monster. When the pacifier falls out, she starts to wimper. I then offer it back to her and she voraciously attempts to re-attach!)

Friday, November 02, 2007
Alexandra's First Halloween:

And two excited trick-or-treaters...

"Can we go home now, dad?"

Thursday, November 01, 2007
Alex weighs approximately 9.5 to 10lbs. (We used our home scale that isn't that accurate...) That's pretty good for a 4weeker.
Sunday, October 28, 2007
As you may have noticed my blogging has slowed down dramatically. This is due to that pesky day job getting in the way. Alex keeps Amy too busy during the week to make any posts. So, here's an update:

1) Alexandra's First Smile We managed to catch Alex's first real smile while she's been awake. We've watched her practice while she's been sleeping (hurray for night vision). But this time we think she actually smilled in reaction to to Us (well, Amy) - and we don't think it was just gas ;-). Click Here to download the video.

2) Alex Meets our Olaf friends Mike Wacker was back in town this weekend, so Jake invited everyone over to his house for a get-together. It was great to see everyone. Alex was awake most of the evening. pictures here The question now, of course, is which couple will have the next baby?

3) Alex @ Olaf. Class of 2030? We drove down to Olaf this afternoon for lunch w/ Will. (Amy was craving Indian food and there's a really good place down in Northfield.) Here's a picture of the family under Grandpa Emmon's tree. (Class of '35).

4) Alex heads to the Dog Park(and copper gets violated...) This picture was taken moments before Copper was violated by an overly friendly lab. (fortunately no one was physically harmed - just mentally... And Amy will have nightmares for a month) Alex was protected from the 'event' by the baby bjorn and a fleece jacket. (That's her little yellow pom pom hat sticking out.

Saturday, October 27, 2007
Webcam is finally online :-).

In theory, if it's on, when you refresh this page (or go to the webcam page...) you'll see Alexandra.

Sunday, October 21, 2007
I have posted more pictures online.

Our happy girl in her carseat:

And her after having a bath:

We went out to eat at Red Lobster on Saturday night with Alexandra for the first time (and uncle Willy joined us). Red Lobster is a nice, loud, child-friendly place. I saw several fathers and mothers go walking (quickly) out with children that were 'upset'.

Alex did a VERY good job - she only got fussy once. This gave Amy the opportunity to don her 'poncho' and feed the baby.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
We took Alexandra in for her two week 'Well Baby' exam. Everything was perfect.

50th percentile for weight
75th percentile for head circumference (she'll be smart, right? ;-)
50th percentile for height

The doc said she typically is just looking for a breast fed baby to
return to her birth weight by this point in time. Alexandra was up a

There was a med student tagging along w/ the physician. The doc
mentioned that Alexandra was making her look good because she was
doing everything right on cue. ("some babies hiccup frequently". (Alex
begins to hiccup). "Some babies will also sneeze a lot too" (Alex
sneezes twice).

One interesting item we were told: Babies only breath through their
noses. They haven't 'learned' that they can even breath through their
mouths - except when they are REALLY upset.

Amy's having fun staying home with Alexandra and trying to figure out
a routine. This involves daily excursions with Copper, cell phone,
plastic bags, car-seat, stroller, blanket/ bundle-me, and burp

Amy has ventured out to Target by herself - her first solo grocery
shopping trip.

Thursday, October 11, 2007
More pictures added.

Let's see, what else is new:
- We took an excursion up to Baby's 'R Us today. We can take trips that can be completed round-trip (including packing/loading time) in <3 class="byline">posted by Dave at 4:23 PM

Tuesday, October 09, 2007
I just posted a five minute video of Alexandra's first bath. It's a 60MB file. Let me know what you think :-).

Monday, October 08, 2007
Alex christened the room again... w/ Amy changing her diaper. :-D

We just finished dinner. Lasagna. We wanted to take a moment and say, "THANK YOU ANNAMARIA!!!!". Our freezer (deep freezer in the garage) is _completely_ full. And our fridge is stocked. I don't think we'll have to do more work for dinner than thawing out and heating up an meal for quite some time!


Alexandra is currently in her swing. It's keeping her entertained. (by 'entertained' i mean asleep.)

Thinking of entertainment... At what point do you have to curtail the watching of TV shows that may not be appropriate for little ones? Example: South Park - in this last episode Cartman pretends to have turrets. Which, of course, leads to him saying about every curse word you can w/o being kicked off TV (or being on at Midnight...). Meanwhile Alexandra is sitting in her bassinet right next to Amy and I - fortunately, asleep.

The 'stay at home years' won't be so much fun if Alexandra is a light sleeper.

Home Nurse visit
The home nurse visit was this AM. The nurse had a list of topics that she covered with Amy and me. She put any concerns that we had at ease. Alexandra has been eating well. Her birth weight was 7 lbs 0 oz. Discharge weight: 6 lbs, 6 oz. Today: 7 lbs, 1 oz.

The nurse also removed Amy's staples - so she can now sit-up w/o the 'pulling' sensation. The nurse also managed to ignore the cats as they walked across the table while she talked.

The Evening Routine
Our evening routine got a little more complicated last night. Previously it would be: wake-up, change diaper, feed, swaddle, put back in cradle to sleep. Now, before the 'put back in cradle step', there is now the 'spend 3-5 minutes holding child so she falls asleep.' We couldn't figure out what was wrong last night. Diaper was clean. She had burped several times - but kept whining. Finally Amy just held her for a few minuets, and she settled down.

Baby 4 - Mom and Dad <1
Alex has been going through a LOT of diapers. Unfortunately she has this tendency to decide to wet the diaper right after the diaper has been removed... Amy was the unfortunate victim today. We thought this was only a problem w/ little boys. Apparently this assumption was wrong.

Changing Table
Thinking of diapers. The changing table Grandpa Steve made has been great. The drawers are very deep - and there is plenty of room on top for the baby, and all the rest of the 'critical' items one needs in the middle of the night.

Sunday, October 07, 2007
I have now figured out a way to still be able to work on the computer AND spend time w/ Alexandra: The BabyBjorn. (Hurray for a 'slightly-used' $8, instead of $80, item.)

Three Nights Down
We have now completed three nights at home. One by ourselves, and two w/ Rorie here. Rorie has been a HUGE help here during the day, and at night she has taken care of Copper when she's locked out and starts whining - but we haven't bothered Rorie w/ Alexandra in the evening. (During the day, however Rorie has spent her time watching 'boring' Alex.)

We're still trying to keep to a 3hr feeding schedule at night w/ Alex. She's only woken up once 3 minutes ahead of schedule and started whimpering. Other than that, things are going well.

First signs of Independence
At <1 style="font-weight: bold;">First Play-Date
Little 8-month old Graham Olson came by yesterday with his parents. Graham scooted all over the house and had fun exploring the fridge (With Dad's guidance he found the BBQ sauce and kept it in his 'pocket'). Graham stared at Alex for a few moments (occasionally shaking his toy/rattle), and when Alex didn't move he moved on to other more exciting things - like the Dog. Copper did very well with him. When he was 'running' after her in his walker she slowly walked off to hide. When he was on the ground at the same level as her, she just laid there while he approached her tail.

Grandpa Bob comes to visit
Last weekend my dad had to unfortunately leave a few hours early, before Miss Alex entered the world. So this weekend he flew up to say, "hi" and see his grand-daughter. It was just a quick trip - he was able to see her for a few hours in the evening and then again this morning before having to catch a flight home.

Amy noted that when dad first had Alex in his hands for pictures Dad has his signature doctor baby hold. By the end of the evening she was nestled in the crook of his arm, in true grandpa-style.

Quote: "Usually I just give them away. This one I get to keep."

[I'll get the pictures online shortly. My camera's batter died and I failed to copy over all of dad's pictures to my computer :(. We do have it all on Video - I'll see about getting that online too.]

Adventuring Out
While Carrie and I were dropping dad off at the airport. Amy, Anna Maria, and Rorie took Alexandra for a 'walk' in the stroller. This was Alex's first adventure to the outside world. (again, no pictures, but we do have Video...]

Friday, October 05, 2007
FAQ Of the Day
How is Amy feeling?
Amy is doing really well. Remarkably well for having had abdominal surgery. She has been up and around and has been taking short walks (much to Copper's chagrin). Staples will be removed on Monday.

Have you had any sleep?
Last night was the best night of sleep Amy has had. She slept much better being in her own room and in her own bed. And having the night vision camera definitely helped. (I had better sleep the previous night w/o everyone else - but i guess that goes w/o saying...) If I can continue to get 3hrs of sleep at a time I would be VERY happy.

Evening Routine?
If we stay on top of her feeding schedule and wake her up before she wakes us up we shouldn't (knock on wood!) have any problems. The books tell you, 'don't put your newborn on a schedule'. The hospital put her on a schedule. Schedules work well for us 'Type-A' people.

First: Wake up baby -
- Step 1) Change diaper
- Step 2) Change diaper again (most likely she made a mess in the new one before it was even totally 'closed') - Back to step 1. (yes, this could be an infinite loop)
- Step 3) Bring naked, possibly screaming baby to Mom.

- Mom feed's baby. (Sometimes it's 30 minutes, sometimes it's 45minutes.
- Dad burps baby (unless dad can pretend to have fallen asleep in <15 style="font-style: italic;">How's Alexandra doing?
She's been doing VERY well.
Very CALM. For a new-born she seem to be very alert.
She's feeding very well.
Doesn't mind being dressed up in different outfits.
She's been opening her eye's more and more each day.
Getting stronger every day. (Stronger grip. Trying to lift her head during 'tummy time'.)

Any funny 'quotes' to share?
"Suck, don't bite!" Amy to Alexandra
Amy: "Is she hungry?" - Dave: "She's eating her blanket."
"She peed on me again!" (dave)

We're finally home.

She is SO tiny in this 'large' (compared w/ the 200sq ft recovery room) house. Her room is about the size of our recovery room. (However, I think we had more room to move around in the hospital room than here!)

Copper Meets Baby
We pulled up to the house, like so many times before. Opened the garage door. As soon as it was up, we could hear her. "bark. bark. Bark. BARK. wimper. wimper."

I let her out, and she came bounding down the driveway towards the car. She was _SO_ excited to see Amy. I took Alexandra out of the car and brought her over to see Copper. Copper turned her head towards Alex. Took a quick sniff, and was immediately back to Amy. Alex slept through the entire loud encounter.

Alex and the Cats
When we first saw the kitty's, they looked like 'monster pumas' (per Amy). Huxley and Percy weight ~19.5 and 15.5lbs respectively. Alexandra = 6.6lbs; 1/3 their size!

Huxley sniffed her, but walked off.
Percy sniffed, stared, and appeared to be thinking: "Friend? Foe? Food? Toy?" - and quickly changed his approach to match his thought pattern.

The cats now hang out in the babies room. Huxley seems to be just fine w/ her, ignoring her most of the time. Percy, however, when Alex starts to make lots of noise when she's getting changed he bolts for the otherside of the house. (I found him hiding on a chair under the kitchen table.

This morning I was reminded of an event when I was little that my mom recently told me about. When Carrie was really little, and we were all in the car, I turned to her and said, "It was a lot more fun when it was just Mom and me." (Matter of factly, not spitefully). The cats seem to have a look that says the same thing. Sometimes w/ more spite than others.

Grandma Mary
Mom - thank you SO much for your help these past few days. It was SO helpful to have you here. Whether it was just holding Alex while Amy and I tried to take care of other things, taking care of the animals, or bringing your starving son food (hurray for McDonalds!). We greatly appreciated it!

Hurray for Night-Vision Camera's
A few weeks back I picked up a night vision camera that I hooked up to the computer. The computer now resides in our bedroom. The camera is setup to peer into the bassinet. So we can now see our baby girl on a 17" monitor w/o having to get out of bed. With the screen we can clearly confirm she's still breathing, and see if she's coughed up anything. It puts our minds at ease so we can actually get some sleep. I'll see if i can get the feed online too :-)

Another nice tool: MutliTimer (I think that's the right link). You can set up to 10 different count-down timers. Right now we're just using one to track feedings (every 3hrs).

Percey just crawled into my lap and _really_ wants some attention. So i'll wrap this up for now.

I'll also try to get some of our Video online too.

Btw - does anyone know how to get rid of hiccups in a baby? Our kid gets them A LOT.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007
This evening I have decided to take the day off and let Amy experiance what is like to be completely in charge.

You thought I'd actully leave her there, didn't you?

Actually, I did... But she has ALL the nurses there to help, and I only _just_ left here there 30 minutes ago (~6:30). The nurses will take Alex to the nursery while Amy is sleeping and bring her back out every 3hrs to nurse. I had to come home and get the animals back on a 'normal' routine. I have one of Alex's blankets on Copper's bed. I have her jacket in the Cat's bed. I put her pants in the basenet. The other blanket of hers is now in her swing. Hopefully this helps the animals adjust before she's actually here!

The cat's are going to have a really hard time. They always sleep with us. However, between the baby in the basenet and Amy's large abdominal scare (and Percy's propensity to play, "Bonzi Kitty" from the top of the armour) we think it may be best to just kick them out for a few weeks. (again, they won't be happy).

I'll also try to get the first 'formal' pictures of Alex and Amy online. (I was at the house taking care of the animals, so I was left out.)

I will probably also need to straighten a few things up. Overall the house is clean, but I just came back from 4 nights at the hospital so all the mail, and my stuff, is all over...

Update: Here are the formal pictures. (She's not this red in real life...)

It is just amazing to watch Alexandra change from day to day. The first day she wouldn't hardly open her eyes. Today (Wednesday evening) she was looking around the room for almost 10 minutes!)

What's 96hrs?
Well, Amy and the baby are definitely not going home today. I will be - I can't spend a 5th night on a 'bed' that is 2' by 6' bed (in a freezing room...).

Amy's recovery is going well - but her blood pressure is still high (which was why we were in here early for induction to begin with). So the Doc wants her to stick around through tomorrow, especially since by the real calculation we're only on recovery day 2, and insurance covers up to 4.

They will probably remove her staples tomorrow. (Yes, staples - ~12 of them. Gotta love modern medicine. I guess they needed a better alternative to fire-ants... which is amazing: ants (as staples) --> string --> metal staples...)

Voracious Eater, Part 2
Alex's only 'problem' is that she falls asleep easily - and possibly the 'barracuda mode' she gets herself worked into if she doesn't get presented with food soon enough. (E.g. when Dad's given the job of waking her up (un-swaddling her, and possibly taking off her onesie.) and having to get her back to mom... by that point she's probably wailing and ready to snap at anything in front of her face - much to Amy's chagrin.)

Also, Amy wanted me to mention an event from last night:
Amy - "Is she Hungry?"
Dave - "Well, she's eating her blanket. So i'd say so."
(Amy then hold her stitches while she laughs).

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
"she who hesitates is lost" that is alex's moto when feedig. Amy like's to call her the 'little barracuda'. When shes hungry she tracks down what she wants....

We're headed to bed.

We have some pictures online now

More Pictures:

Let's see, what has happend in the past 24 hours since Alex has arrived. (She's now 1day 12hrs old)

Diaper Changes:
- Even baby girls can pee on you. I had checked her diaper, only a small mess. I took off the old one, was trying to clean her off and 'whoa!'

Preparing for Guests
- Waterless shampoo is good for more than just 'camping trips, after sports activities, and when feeling sick' - also good for hospital rooms.
- Several people called to ask if they could stop by. I invited everyone. I quickly realized that everyone was going to be here Monday afternoon. I knew Amy would not be excited,'looking like she just had a baby'. Fortunately with the the 'shampoo', some make-up and a quick straighting up of the room everything worked out well.
- Thank you everyone who stopped by yesterday! We had a great time visiting with everyone. (Mom, Carrie, Garrick, Jayne Solberg, Eddie, Jackie, Will, Melissa)

Baby Clothing
- Prepare for going through lots of tops
- If you bring in your own hat, make certain there aren't any tags. I couldn't figure out why she kept crying. My typical approaches didn't solve the issue (diaper? Nope. Swadled? not it. Swaying? nope. 'Shhhhh'? Nope. taking off the hat w/ the tag in the back - yep.

The, "Who does she look like" game
- 'Does she have your eye's'? (Amy to Dave)
- 'I think she looks like Dave'
- 'I think she looks like Amy'
- 'I think her chin looks like Will's'
- 'I think she looks like great-Grandpa Marotz'
- etc. etc. :-D

- Never under-appreciate the Nurses. They help with everything, all hours of the day.
- They are also the ones that can take the baby to the nursery so you can sleep through the night, and bring her back every 3 hours for feedings. (Which only really interups Amy - assuming I can sleep through it...)

- First 10 minute walk outside of the room on Tuesday @ 8:00
-- She had no concept of where we had entered the hospital, where we are now, and where the OR was.
- No more tubbing on her legs (prevent blood clots), No more pressure wrap on the scar (~12 stapples), No IV, No more catheter
- Woke up in the middle of the night shaking 'like a heroin junkie' (in her words). We think it was probably caused by low blood-sugar. After drinking some orange juice and eating some crackers it went away.
- Recovering very well, 'for someone who just underwent a C-Section'
- Looking forward to a shower
- After shower = much better.
- Managed to succesfully learn to feed child, prepare child for first formal pictures, swaddle child, and get back into bed in <1.5hr>Baby
- They make strange noises. (Squeaks, squaks and random gurggles)
- You can spend hours just staring at them. (Either with amazement, concern (not knowing if she's still breathing), and wonder)
- She seems to already know exactly who we are. She was freaking out when the Lab woman stopped by and left her unbunddled while she tried to sort out the MRN id's. After the lab work was through, Alex was handed back to Amy, and immediately relaxed.
- We love her.

Dad's to be
Remember that we're here to support the wife. (We're then suported by our Family and Friends.) The nurses will get you a blanket or two - and they're ok with you finishing off the wife's meal when they can't eat it all. But beyond that it seems like we're just another body in the room. (I guess in today's world you have no idea whether the guy in the room is the husband, boy friend, 'baby-dad', or the new guy...) We're on our own for food - so hopefully there's a friend or family member that can bring you something, or can drive you home briefly while the wife is recovering so you can take out the animals, shower, and get something to eat.

All-in-all, an amazing experiance.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Here's the first picture I've been able to get online of Alexandra.

Update on last night:
- Contractions were coming very frequently last night. Averaging 1-2 minutes appart. 2.5 minutes being on the long side.
- Epidural was placed quickly (Pitocin was cut back. Contractions continued to occur frequently.
- Amy felt pressure in her abdomen. Nurse came back in and said, "well, maybe I'll check a little early". She checked and said, "you're at 8?!" She watched the monitor for ~30 seconds, then called the OB
- OB came in, quickly. She watched the monitor (contractions & baby's heartbeat). The baby's heart rate kept dropping and recovering. But the recovery wasn't as quick as they'd like
- They attempted to place the more accurate sensor (attaches to the baby's scalp). They had some difficulty, but I think they got it. The doc touched the baby's scalp and the baby's heart responded, which gave them encouragement.)
- They watched it... The doc said, "I'll give it two minutes to see how it goes". At about 1.30 they got the consent form out for Amy regarding the risks of a C-Section. Amy signed it. The doc said, I think we need to do a C-Section. And off they went down the hall to the OR.
- I followed after the cart. I got to the double doors, they said, "Wait here - someone will come out w/ scrubs". I waited. I tried to get a cell phone signal - nothing. There was a nurses station right there. "Can i use your phone to call long distance?", "Oh, i'm sorry - you have to use your room phone."
- I checked my cell phone again. 1 bar. I dialed my mom. Call dropped. I dialed it again using speakerphone. Got connected. "Amy's going in for a C-Section"
- Next I got some scrubs, still wearing my slippers, i put them on - and waited. Staring at the doubl doors, unable to see around the corner.
- Finally someone came to get me.
- The OR was COLD. Amy was shivering. I was able to sit by her head. We sat, and listened. (well, amy shaking a little here and there - not from the cold, but the kind of shaking after you had just run a long distance...
- We heard suction, "watch out for the bladder".... Then...
- "Waaaa.... Wuhaaaaa..." I watched the nurse run off to the other room w/ her. (one of the other nurses said, "Is it a boy or a girl". Amy mumbled, it has to be a girl....)
- I saw the baby go, and followed (briefly torn between my wife on the table and the baby crying in the other room.)
- I walked into the other room w/ Alexandra getting cleaned up. I just stared at her before asking, "Can i touch her?" - They were all wearing gloves, i didn't want to infect her ;-). They said, "Sure!"
- They completed their observations - suctioned out her stomach - and wrapped her up, and handed her to me.
- I immediately took her into the other room where Amy was still on the table. I held Alexandra out for amy to see. (it was tough to position her w/ the lights and poles hanging around where my seat was behind the guard. )
- I held Alex w/ the "Dr. Marotz baby hold" (tight grip on the back of the head so they can't move / slip ;-), so Amy could see her and touch her. Amy didn't have her glasses on so I had to hold her close.
- The nurses then had me take Alex over to the Nursery to wait for them to finish up w/ Amy.

- It took forever for them to give me the goahead to go see Amy. So it was just me, and Alex, and some quiet newborns hanging out in the nursery w/ the occational nurse.
- So only started yowling a few times. Fortunately I had paid attention to the video, "The happiest baby on the block" and she calmed down quickly.
- Finally I was able to bring her in to see Amy in the recovery room.

- Amy was still shaking. After ~10 minutes they finally had a drug to help her relax and stop 'shivering' (although she was overheating...)
- We were able to put the baby on her chest and get her to eat.

- Finally, at ~2:00 in the morning they were done getting Amy setup, and I could finally go to sleep.
- Alexandra was sleeping in the corner of our room. She didn't make much noise.
- A few hours later the nurse came in and took Alex for her bath - I was exhausted, and Amy was in no condition to follow - so we slept.

Now this morning Amy is hooked up to the compression boots to help prevent blood clots. They 'feel good, but they're a little hot - since it's plastic. but they're kinda like a massage'

The baby gets fed every 2-2.5hrs.

My mom just got here a little while ago - so she's rocking her right now, giving us a small break (although, more than anything, it lets her be held by someone while Amy and I can relax.)

So, now you know the rest of the story....

I'll try to get more pictures online later. The hospital's network* is 'being difficult'. [*Amy had me update it... the Hospital has been fine, the network was teh issue]
(oh, and she may need another diaper change...)

Update: Here's our RN - Melissa.

Alexandra Mary
20.5" in
October 1st, 2007

Mom and baby are doing fine.

She's here!

Sunday, September 30, 2007
Umm, we're now at 8cm.

Epidural is in place (thank god). Things are now calm and quiet here.

Amy's doing well.

We'll try to get some sleep now.

Final post from the computer for tonight. I'll keep my phone on and w/
my to keep posting as i can. The contractions have gotten much more
frequent and Intense! Every minute or so. I'm not able to complete
this post w/o Amy going through another contraction. (her legs are

The Doctor will check her again in an hour.

Thank you everyone for your emails and support - Amy has really
enjoyed hearing from you!

Or we can run a "Monte Carlo" analysis.... send in three estimates:
most likely, optimistic and pessimistic estimates - and we use that to
drive w/ 80% the time the baby will get here ;-).

Alright, we have a plan (it will probably all be scrapped in a matter
of minutes, but we have one anyways).

The Project Manager in me has come out (and being a Guy - i want to
have a laid out solution... and this way the Nurse and OB (female as
well), have an idea of where we'd like this to go:

6:30 - they checked. 2-3cm, no additional drugs, just more IV
8:30 - will check again. So far contractions are continuing at 2-3
minute intervals
(The rest are just next steps - w/ no times associated w/ them on our
white board ((Yes, we have a white board)))
= Lab work to prep for Epidural
= Pitocin, if/ as needed
= Epidural
= Sleep (hopefully)
= Labor (more)
= Baby

I'll guess ~5:00am for Alex to arrive. Any other bets? Text message
me or email and let us know what you think :-D.
We're just going to be watching TV.

Amy's taking a 'cat-nap' right now (or at least attempting to). We
figure she needs to get some rest now before the next phase kicks in.
At ~6:20 we'll get an update on the next steps. She hasn't had
anything to eat since lunch. The concern is whether or not she'll end
up needing a C-section.

OB Update: "She's through!... the cervix....", "houston, we have 1".
They're evaluating the next step.

Next update will be around 2:00.

Guess we'll just be watching LOST until then.

Amy's quote of the moment, "Well, if nothing else - bed rest got me
ready for this"

No update... still sitting/ laying here... (haven't seen an OB since
last night.)

8:30 am. Just sitting here, waiting for someone to decide the next step.

We have a new nurse - Patty. They nurses have 8hr shifts.

OB Update: 'just a dimple'. So we have a ways to go.

Amy's arm is botheting her more than anything... (arm = 4 for pain scale, contractions = 3)

At 8 they'll evaluate for pit.

Amy woke up again at 5, the nurse came in and helped her. I was kinda awake, but didn't move.

3am. Getting up every few hrs to help amy.

Saturday, September 29, 2007
We're headed to bed. We've finished 2 episodes of LOST tonight.

Tomorrow will be the big day, we hope!

We're just watching LOST right now. Amy's arm is sore from the IV
drip... that's about it. Tonight, we wait...

I just ran down to the car to grab my bag. I'm camping out here for the night.

I think if i'm going to spend the night in the hospital again I'll
bring my own sheets and blankets. This isn't exactly the best. (but i
guess i have little to complain about - i'm not the one w/ the needle
in my arm, two puncture holes, two monitors, and getting probed every
few hours - and going to the bathroom every 20 minutes... and I won't
be pushing a kid out in <~24hrs either).

(OB Update: 80% effaced.)

Tonight our OB's will be either: Dr. Schaffer or Dr. Erica Bourbon

Amy's veins were difficult to find for the IV. She got stuck 3 times.
They were smart to just bring in the expert after two times. (Her left
one is still throbbing - the needle got stuck in a valve...)

Now we sit and wait. They'll feed amy something. (Hopefully there's
some leftovers, and i can snag 'em ;-).

Garrick, Cory, Leah and Sarah are down at Froggy Bottoms for the Olaf
five year reunion. They text messaged us.

We just found out our nurse is an Ole grad. Jennifer Feldmeyer Rasinen
'00. (Married to an Ole too... Chris Rasinen)

Hurray!!!! we have free high speed internet available :-D. I won't
have to patch into the wall 'private network' afterall...

Amy's getting the IV right now. It will probably take overnight before
we see any 'movement'.

In the hospital, in the room, and have cell phone reception :).

If you need to reach us our cells work - or email me:

Just sitting here at home, waiting... taking care of last minute items... Amy's sleeping or reading in the other room. We'll probably leave around 3:30. (I think we may have a long day ahead of ourselves...)

We're checking in at 4pm today!! :-) If Alex 'behaves', we'll be holding our daughter either late tonight or early tomorrow morning-- Dave will send emails out! :-) (Or check blog)- for updates and pictures. Wish us luck!
-amy and dave

Still @ home. Waiting until 1:00.

We're still at home. Called in to check at 10:00. Rooms may be
avaiable shortly...

Today may (should?) be the day... We're scheduled for induction today.
(By "we" i mean Amy... kinda like 'we're pregnant'. ;-) I'm just
throwing that in because Amy doesn't like that phrase.)

Anyways, It's 5:45. Amy got up at 5:15 to be ready to call at 5:30.
She called, and they're 'booked'. Hopefully at 10:00 they'll have
better news for us.

Well, the longer it takes today the more likely Alex will arrive on
Sunday - which is the cats birthday as well.

I've jokingly 'told' Alexandra - 'by hook or by crook you're coming out!'

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Melissa and Jeff are heading to Korea :-D

Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Baby has 'big head', details at 11.

Well, she's the right size for a 36 weeker - but compared to the 4mo pregnant woman nancy and her med student had just seen, she's big...

Sunday, August 26, 2007
35 weeks today, and the baby has already,"dropped."

Yesterday we had the one-day child birth bootcamp (we opted for this one instead of the 6 week course.) bottom line was, 'your body will do what it needs to - you just need to learn to cope w/ it'.

(ps-these are all posted via my phone.)

1 comment:

Dave said...

Here are some of the comments we had recieved via email. I figured i'd post them on the blog in the order in which they were recieved. (of course they don't capture the comments from everyone who was here!)

- Dave

Dave and Amy, I just got back from South Dakota after 9p.m. so just now read your note. Annamaria had told me last night on the phone that you were going in at 5 this morning. I'm glad you didn't have to go that early. I read the notes on your web/blog page. Thanks for keeping us informed. God Bless you all. We continue to have you "all" in our prayers each time we pray together and individually too. love, claudejj

Claude Jones - Sept. 29th
We would love to come visit the new addition. Does the weekend of Nov 10-11 work for you guys? That should give you plenty of time to recuperate and settle in to your new routine.
Love to all of you.
Dad and Sue

We are all so very happy for you and Dave and Alexandra. She is a very lucky lass to have you two for parents.
I miss you Amy, but I know that this is what you wanted more than anything. Please visit us as soon as you are
able and send lots of pictures.
Molly and Kaya send a big woof to Copper……………
All the best,

Leon Cooper – Oct 1st

Amy and Dave:

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I love her name.

You are very lucky (and tired- I'm sure)

Be Well,


Matt Paterakis - Oct 2nd

Hey guys I just randomly checked Dave's site today, congratulations!

Amy, I can't believe you let Dave get away with live blogging the
whole experience.

We're glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Chris & Amber

Christopher Hanson – Oct 2nd


I realize that we havent talked in so long, but I heard the news from Cathleen and I just wanted to say congratulations on being a mom. Wow, that is amazing. I can't believe it!!!! Tell Dave congrats too. I know you are real busy with the new girl, but hopefully we can chat sometime. I would really like to catch up with you. Miss you and say hi to Dave and little Alexandra for me. Take care.


Nino Rabano - Oct 2nd
Amy and Dave -

Thank you so much for your blogs and pictures. Hope you don't mind, but we've been following your exciting story for the past several days and have been enjoying every minute of the upcoming birth and first few days of Alex's life. What a beautiful baby and obviously such a loving mom and dad. So much you have to look forward to.

Amy, your dad and I were at our computer every 20 minutes Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night, watching your progression and feeling for you both and the time it took for you to bring Alex into the world. You, Dave and Alex were the talk of our house last weekend (and have continued this week).

Between your having to go through several hours of hard labor and then having a C-section, you got it at both ends. That's huge. Congratulations at doing such an incredible job of hanging in there and then starting to (quickly) recover from your C-section. (I had one with Steph and I was a wimp....)

Alex is so beautiful. Her first day pictures were wonderful, but then as you've added more, she gets even more and more cuter. We love the most recently added pictures with her eyes open. Again, what a doll baby she is.

Your dad had a leadership meeting here in town for the past couple days. He was beaming about you (and Alex and told everyone about her. The news even got up to the highest level in Wells Fargo (John Stump, who's running the entire Wells business from San Francisco - he's an icon). You're the talk of Des Moines.

Congratulations to you, Amy - again, what you went through was HUGE !!! Congratulations to you, Dave for the obvious support and love you gave Amy through the delivery But, mostly, congratulations to both of you for the birth of Alex, a part of both of you. She is lovely, beautiful and (we're sure) will give you the happiest times of your lives.

Sue & Dad

Sue Morrison – Oct 4th

Thanks for the pictures. Congratulations. We are glad that Mom and baby are home. Mom, Dad, Alexandra, and Grandma Mary all look like they are enjoying their new roles.

We are very happy for you all. We look forward to meeting Alexandra and seeing you all in December.


Richard and Barb Bennett – Oct 4th

Congratulations Amy! Alexandra is beautiful! Cathleen said that you wanted to see new twin pictures, so here they are after their first bath. I'll try to get another Kodak Gallery together soon.

Good luck and get some rest!

Daniel Saylor – October 4th

Mary-these are soooo adorable. What a happy time. It brings back great
memories for me of the first grandchild and holding him.

You look good...and such a young Grandma! What are you going to have her
call you? Enjoy this precious time with your family.


Vy Armour – Oct. 4th

David and Amy, I was just thinking on the way home from work that is was time to see some more pictures of your little girl. She is absolutely precious and you are so lucky to have her. Thanks for sending me the shots. I also went onto your blog and enjoyed the pictures of Harvey and Anna. Those were great. They were good people.
Have fun with your new daughter, you have so many good memories to make.

Walter and Karen Roberts – Oct. 4th

Congratulations Dave and Amy! And welcome to the world Alexandra! Great
shots Dave, looks like you have started a really great family. Mark

Mark Swanson – Oct 4th

I so enjoyed your blog. You are a natural born story teller. I'm so glad all 3 of you are doing so well now. Must have been a little scary atfirst. Alex is absolutely beautiful and thank you so much for including me in all of this. Congratulations from Dave and Sue!
sue sergeant