Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Trip to the Childrens' Museum

Another busy day-- Alex and I went to Burnsville Center at 9:00am for our first "Stroller & Stretch" session-- a free fitness walking & aerobic program every Tuesday morning! Alex loved watching all the lights and store window displays pass her by as we strolled past. Ahh....grooming the next generation of consumers!

After a quick nap and lunch, we headed to St. Paul to meet Melissa and Graham at the Children's Museum. Alex had a great time watching Mr. Graham explore, and even did some tummy time at the ice fishing hole in the HabiTot exhibit. She will really enjoy this in a few more months when she's mobile! We ran into our Ole friend, Sarah Beggs there. She was facilitating the drum gallery, and the kids had tons of fun experimenting and listening to different noises.

Tonight we're headed to Northfield for dinner with Uncle Willy-- we're not sure where we're eating yet (Will requested anything but rice & beans after a month in Costa Rica), but Alex is looking forward to picking up her monkey that he promised her from the wilds of Central America. I just hope it's litter-trained.

To see more pics from the Childrens' Museum, click on the gallery link on the left side of the blog.

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